Furry emails

Ever since Day 1 of godhatesfurries.com, I started getting email from furries and non-furries alike (I have 600+ emails saved, to date). All kinds of furries pitched in to whine, bitch, moan and complain about this and that. I expected it really -- it's what they do best. I reply to some, but I don't have time to reply to them all. I thought about posting some of the emails I get, but I originally decided against it because I do get quite a bit of email, and sifting through them might be hard work. But recently I've decided that some things just need to be shared, so on this page I have laid out a small selection of the emails I have received. Email addresses have been edited out to protect the criminally insane.

Remember always feel free to drop me a message.

I've broken the emails up into two separate pages now. So you can have a look at Page 1 or Page 2 .

From: michael tucker


first of all, we all hope you get piles... go bald, fat, imputent and impotent. But seein as you spend all your time hosting a hate site about somthing you honestly know sod all about the above must of already happened, either that or you were raped by the family dog when you were younger and now hate anything with fur.

God does not hate furries! heh he is one himself.... why else would it be Dog backwards? or maybe you were too busy masterbaiting over pre-teen school boys to notice? The 2nd amendment grants us the right to free speech. and God says "Love thy neighbour" so who the hell are you to try to deny us of that right?

What you may not know is that even firefighters, police persons and servicemen and women may be furries. will you turn down thier assistance when you're in need? when your single living apartment is on fire and or being robbed who you gonna call? If a fireman turns up you know to be a furry will you send him/her away? WILL YOU HECK! "Please! save my crappy house with my soup-for-one because the world hates be for being a closed minded tosser!" says you!

Or when WW3 comes and the Taliban has you hostage with a iron spike up your ass (with any luck) will you turn down the assistance for the 3rd Fox Unit just because of their name?

i bet you wont use Mozzilla Firefox as internet either!

the world laughs at you! ha ha fu**ing ha!

eat my shite and suck on my tail!
Michael Tucker sends me a fine email laced with homophobia and racism, and apparently I'm the intolerant one.

From: edestrada1
Subject: i hate furries

you are a dumbass, furries kick ass and you are stupid shit head you are also bias. and if you read this message do thew following:

1. drill a hole in your head and let all the sap run out,
2. rip your dick off,
3. eat your shit,
4. fuck your mother,
5. admit your a illegal mexican who is supposedly "white",
6. and last but certainly not least, admit that god loves furries because he does and this site should be called is god hates people who hate furries.

I'm not mexican. Racism is pretty stupid.

From: Lib Taken
Subject: Sicko

I hope your based in the UK i really do. now i may not have a fur suit or anything but i am one but the thing is tho im not like any of the others. i dont follow the "dont hurt others" code i would so nicely shoot someone in the face and laugh being part of the Trench Coat Maifa you KNOW its easy for us seems a couple of us have killed STUPID people in the past.

i love my culture and just watching you putting shit like that up is PATHETIC whats your goal? you cant beat us you cant beat me you try il kill you. i dont give a shit what happens to me because my times nearly up :D and i cant wait! cos maybe JUS "MAYBE" il go out with a bang ;) a nice big one too.
now are you guna discriminate me? and the TCM? also the pure HATRED we have for people like you? i know right away you will trace me or w/e i dont care you think your being fair well im gona be fair too. i hate people like you i hate discriminations and tosser who think they are higher than everyone else! i hate sickos who think they can walk over us without any thoughts to our feelings well ReB and VoDka opened a whole new world of revenge. im so full of hate and i was looking for people just like me when i came across your sick little site. before judging people why not look in a mirror? and look at yaself and ask "who am i" are you some sick jock who can only feel good discriminating others over the internet?? i dont care who you are i dont care who you know i dont care what you can do i just dont care! the only thing i care about is my culture and our mafia! our people!

sorry if it sounds like a threat but i JUST DONT CARE! i really dont. just get a life and discriminate people who deserve it like liars, rapists and shit! grow up!


ReB and VoDka forever.

I aint a normal FURRY! im filled with hate!

I receive death threats all the time. This guy included his myspace address, but I edited it out because it was basically torture to look at. I bet you've already guessed that he really likes the insane clown posse.

From: c k
Subject: ... -.-

Ok, is there anything else God hates? I'd really love to hear it. I'm being sarcastic (in case your too much of a dumb ass to figure it out) because God doesn't hate anyone. Yes I realized your site had nothing remotely to do with Christianty just -because- of your domain name... What do you take us for, idiots? Oh wait, you probably do... I'm just apparently too dense to figure that out.

I take you for idiots based on the sheer volume of emails about Jesus that I have in my inbox. Yeah, this guy may have figured it out, but by god there are hundreds of people for whom the penny is yet to drop.
From: bene20
Subject: die

look, I hate that you misused your information about furies. We don't do what most of the lies you said. I am making myself as calm and subtle as possible with this and I really want you to note that being a furry doesn't mean what you think.....it's just another fun way to express your imagination. I love animals, but not as much as you say furies do. I will give you that there are some freaks out there but most of us are in it for the fun. Think about this.......

Actually no - it's furries, not me, who make the world a horrible place. For you see, I do not routinely commit crimes against nature, whereas furries do. Do you see how those two things are different?

From: wolf bradham
Subject: Hey ^^

Hello person.

i'm a furry and i love it that humans are trying to figure out furries.. wich is a pretty hard thing for non furries to understand. i do get where your coming from but meh. furries have been around before the bible in one form or anoth and where in many culture like japan and egypt..
Keep up the good work and dont use god and furries in the same sentence.. cause one doesnt exist and the other does.. ^^ god is not real so its not appropriate.. like saying god hates the jews or gays.
furries are humans in the fact that they are above normal humans (the ones that arent COMPLETELY about sex but are more spiritual and wish for the evolution of man) but we do have feelings so.. dont laugh or well laugh back at how humans are having below par lives With hope for a future with real antrho's
Kemono Wolfsong


From: Kiden Stormsoarer
Subject: your SIC site

alright, i'm surfing the web, typing random things into google, and i stumble across your site. i figure, hey, somebody made a rant page, i'll check it out. what did i find? a perverted twist of the truth. i find a site promoting violence against other people, denouncing a perfectly good roleplaying site, and twisting the facts of everything you get your hands on. from a humanitarian standpoint, you should be shot. from a psychological standpoint you should be shot. hell, from ANY standpoint except that of a bigotted, shortsighted, smallminded PSYCHOPATH, you should be shot. but far be it from me to stand in your way. you go on believing in your false god and in your pretentious attitudes. your karma will come back to bite you in the ass in the end.

My guess is that he didn't find this site from google at all. He already knew about it and he came here specifically to be outraged, only he didn't want to admit that fact.

From: Gato girls
Subject: Great website dude, tnx!

Hiya, your site really rocks! It´s a great way of promoting our furry culture to all those who don´t know it, and to show how "strange" we are. I´m sure no one who is not really a fur will ever consider getting into our fandom after watching your site. You really help us showing all the characteristics of our community gathered together. Besides, it makes me feel proud of being so different to what others should expect from me, you help me realize that. It is also great that you include those links for those who are eager to become furries, so that they can find more about it :) Ah, and that fursuit gallery is really cool!


p.s.: After reading your site, I noted how enthusiastic you are about our fandom, and it made me horny. So if you would like to have some gay yiff with me someday through chat it would really turn me on, and I garantize YOU will be paying me in the end ;)


From: Parano kaiser
Subject: lol, something for you anti-furry site

History will repeat itself, your site is useless. First people discriminated against the large group of african americans, which they eventually were givin rights, and blended in with society, etc, you know how that went, now its gay people that are fighting for their rights, and guess what, they are winning, so far things have only gotten better for them, and soon, it will be a natural part of life everywhere in the U.S., no matter how long it takes, the same thing will happen with Furries, and every other sub culture that doesnt hurt people. Fact is, your just another redneck type jackass that hates furries instead of "fags and niggers" or do you hate them as well, all well, there are heterosexual, homosexual, etc perverted people, you tend to forget, perverts are everywhere. And if you go into any kind of sex orrientated chat, your bound to see tons of people askin if "any girls want to talk to a big cocked guy" or whatever asking asl constantly, so whatever have your fun, im havin mine

This would be great. Imagine if you will: protests in the major cities of the world. Thousands of furries demanding that their right to fuck dogs be enshrined in law. That'll be the day I shut down this site because my work will be done, and the furry concentration camps will be open for business.

From: Patrick Nolan
Subject: Wow, great website

You know what makes me happy?

Guess you're the same guy who made www.godhatesfags.com huh. What's next, godhatesblacks.com? You're just putting in a bad name for Christianity and assuming that the world gives a fuck about God and your opinion. Great job insulting a subculture. You might as well start insulting races and genders while your at it. Oh, I've got a better idea, genocide! This gives me an idea, I'll create a website called www.your-god-hates-everything-I-dont-like.com

And by the way, dont bother replying to this, it'll just be ignored, posted up, and laughed at by the rest of the world who actually dont live by ignorance and stupidity.

I actually get this a lot. People seem to think that I am responsible for godhatesfags.com or that I copied it or that I am somehow linked to the website. Well let me put that to rest right now - it is untrue, I have nothing to do with that website and in fact godhatesfags.com copied me.

From: Jomaru
Subject: I agree with you, on this

Thank you so much for enlightening me about how I should hate you for doing just what your reasoning is. Look at that. You set yourself up for it, and I bet you're gonna make some stupid post on your website saying that, "This person is obviously a furry." or something along those lines. So to save you the time, I am a furry. Guess what though? You sound like an immature, 12 year old sitting around with nothing better to do. So, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you are a normal person. But, I have a cure for normality, it involves a pop can and some porn. Bet you're curious now, so I'll let you know about this little cure:

Step 1: Strip you down and tie you up to a chair.
Step 2: Open pop and drink it.
Step 3: Insert your penis into the pop can opening.
Step 4: Make you watch plenty of arousing material.
Step 5: When fully aroused, I will slowly twist the pop can, untill I've made it fully around your penis.
Step 6: Allow the arousal to go down, granted it hasn't already from the loss of blood.
Step 7: Remove mostly blood filled can from your penis.
Step 8: Force you to consume your own blood.
Step 9: Take out tub of salt and place in front of your chair.
Step 10: Finally, tip you over face first into the salt.

Feel the burn if life as it slips free from your mortal soul.

Remember my tiny friend, you've only one life to live, don't be stupid about it and piss off the wrong people. You never know where you'll end up, or who you will end up meeting.

One last thing to finish this email. Stop randomly bashing stuff on the net, just because YOU don't agree with something, doesn't mean everyone else agrees with you.

Now, if you don't mind, I have some animal porn to watch and some other furs to fuck. Tah tah!

He emailed me and explained how he wants to mutilate my cock with a pop can.

From: Christian Kimmey
Subject: Salutations from an intellectual

What the fuck is your problem?!?!?

You claim that god hates furries, while in your "holy book", your bible it says that god loves everyone, no matter what. As Jesus once said, "Let him without sin cast the first stone". It is impossible to be perfect, and if you could become perfect... then you wouldn't be abusing other people.

It's the fools like you that make me sick......

Changing the message found in the bible and other holy documents to suit your own little crusade...

Furries, as you call them, are often people that have been driven off by conventional society. They associate with animals because they know that they won't be judged, and it's fools like you that keep pushing them away.

In the bible, it also says to love thy fellow man...

So, before you condemn others, you need to take a long look at yourself.

Here is the thing. Religion has never been mentioned on this site. Look for yourself. Read the other pages. There are no arguments based on religion - none, nothing. Everything is based on cold, hard facts. That, however, doesn't stop illiterate motherfuckers like this guy from sending me emails about Jesus and the Bible.

From: BKY
Subject: Idiot

You are a sorry excuse for a human. To tell you the truth, with people like you speaking for humans, I can't blame them for not wanting to be one. You are one of 2 things:

1. Someone who has nothing against furries at all, and you only made the site for entertainment, money and to spend your sorry excuse of a life laughing at people more intelligent then you, or,

2.A real live religious zealot, who probably thinks magical little winged beings guide people who mindlessly follow what you do, who probably thinks if you lost a sock in the dryer it must be the will of god (what other explanation is there????????? There is certainly no logical one, like it fell on the floor!) and who will be really, really disappointed when he finds that when he dies, he is reincarnated as a fox.

As stated before, in ether case you are a sorry excuse of a human, just for different reasons. The real sad thing is, ether way, you envy the furries for being different, when all you can do is follow the mindless lies of the past.

Have a good life, and for your sake, I really hope Buddha was wrong...

And again.

From: Ryan Clarke
Subject: Just had to say it

Unbiased? Bull Shit... I am a Furry. AND PROUD OF IT. Furries have enriched my life far more than anything else. I feel that I HAVE TO DEFEND MYSELF, AND ALL THE OTHER FURRIES FROM ALL YOUR LIES...

First...in response to this, from your website:

"Furries are known to be irrational, quick to anger, easily offended, self-righteous and very, very, very dim. Here are some tips and facts for dealing with and arguing with Furries that you may find useful. By knowing how someone will react, you have already won half the battle"

This is totally untrue. I know SO MANY other furries. We are all nice, upstanding people, who are EXTREMELY friendly and helpful. Dim? Know sir...you are the dim and ignorant one. And no...this is not being quick to anger. This is peacefully and respectivly stating the facts.

Second....in response to this, also from your website:

"I firmly believe that nothing is beyond Furries. Some will sink to any level to gratify their sexual urges"

"Then there are the very insane, very horrible, very obnoxious Furries. These Furries long ago abandoned all that is good and decent in order to live a life of depravity and sin - they have invested their lives in evil"

Ok...lets back this up a minute. You are putting Furries in a class which is already occupied. Regular people are just as bad...if not worse. Is Furry Sex and Erotica the only stuff on the internet? Hell No. There is just as much...if not more, and if not worse sex, erotica, and just downright horrible "normal" stuff on the internet. That fact that you are condeming Furries for this is competly unjustifiable. Why dont you start with "regular" people who do this type of thing. They are no better, and most of the time, even worse. We abandon all that is good for sin and evil? Why dont you tell that to all the porn stars, and people who flaunt their bodies and sexuality online for the world to see. Yeah, Furries do it to, and I am not denying that. But even we have our limits. Nothing is beyond Furries? Yeah well, despite what you think, we do have our limits, and nothing is behind regular people obsessed with sex either, so stop pointing fingers at us. We are insane and dim? Hmm, lets look at that shall we. Lets put side by side, a real life online porn star, and someone else, who has a Fursona that they have online. Is the porn star real? YES. Is the other person's Fursona? NO. Does the Porn star have a job? YES, A PORN STAR. Does the person with the Fursona have a job? YES. HE CAN BE AN OFFICE CLERK...OR A MANAGER...OR ANY OF A MILLION JOBS OUT THERE. He could be a hard worker, and his fursona is how he unwinds after a hard day of work. How does the porn star unwind? Like most....sex, drugs, alcohol, partying, etc...

Why do people become Porn Stars? Because they are ignorant, and only care about sex, drugs, alcohol, and having little responsibility. Yeah, they are real winners

Why do people become Furries? Most because they love a particular animal, and feel a spiritual connection with them. Is that bad? HELL NO. People like you try to convince others it is. But it ain't. It is a neat, and wonderful feeling. My room is plastered with posters of White Tigers, and everything, from my laptop background, to my cellphone background, even my PSP background...is White Tigers. So, my Fursona is a White Tiger. Do I have fun with it? YES. Do I flaunt my sexuality? NO. Do I sometimes have a little sexual fun? SOMETIMES...but there is a difference between that, and comepletly flaunting it all over like Porn Stars do.

Now, I want to emphasize more on how you think Furries are ignorant and dim. I happen to have an IQ of 135. I am very intelligent, and am doing well in College. My many Furry friends are all intellegent, and the older ones...have good jobs, and they work hard. Porn Stars are almost always complete idiots, and the only thing they know is the top 101 sexual positions.

My point...is that your so called facts and arguements are biased, unjustified, and completly and utterly untrue. You trying to make Furries appear like bad people is comepletly uncalled for, and totally pathetic on your part, especially when everything bad you said about them, can so easily apply to so many "normal" people in this world. If anything, WE are so much better then "normal" people who engage in acts like this.

I am a Furry, AND PROUD OF IT. I will defend myself, and all other like me, from people like you. You are biase, and ignorant in your prosecution of Furries. Do I expect you to change your opinion? NO. Do I expect you to maybe give Furries the respect they deserve. YOUR DAMN RIGHT I DO

We are not bad people AT ALL. Most of us are hard working individuals, who simply have a little fun now and then. If you are going to get on someone...why not start with the Porn Industry. They are a hell of a lot worse and bigger than Furries

This guy is proud to be a furry, but what's worse is that he admits to owning a PSP.

From: Nolan Lewis
Subject: Yep

I'm going to make my message short and sweet. You are an ass. I must ask why you would take it upon yourself to create such a website and write such hate towards a specific group. You must be very lonely and so filled with hate that you found the time and money to waste. You can't change what you are, and I can't change what I am. I will always be furry and you can go fuck yourself. This is nothing more than a pathetic attempt for attention. Hope you like the picture, fuckface. I hope God hates you for what you are doing.

This guy actually sent me a picture of himself giving me the finger. He looked to be like ten years old, which made it even funnier.

From: Chris99
Subject: I find you amusing.

I would just like to say that I know I am a human, even though I'm one of the fandom. I have not deluded myself into believing that I'm an animal, even though humans technically are animals, as we're not vegetables or minerals. I actually prefer RPGs and fantasise about massacring the morons at my school as Final Fantasy 7's Sephiroth.

Now about your site. You are using sources such as CSI and MTV both of which are not well equipped to be talking about this sort of thing. CSI was just wanting a plot device and found something to see as villanous and MTV is a music channel with programmes in it,ce teaaaaaaaaa name Music Television. You say you are unbiased followed by a disclaimer that you are exposing the dark side of furries. That sentence is self contradicting, an oxymoron.

Just to let you know how I feel.

"I actually prefer RPGs and fantasise about massacring the morons at my school as Final Fantasy 7's Sephiroth."

"I actually prefer RPGs and fantasise about massacring the morons at my school as Final Fantasy 7's Sephiroth."

"I actually prefer RPGs and fantasise about massacring the morons at my school as Final Fantasy 7's Sephiroth."

"I actually prefer RPGs and fantasise about massacring the morons at my school as Final Fantasy 7's Sephiroth."

"I actually prefer RPGs and fantasise about massacring the morons at my school as Final Fantasy 7's Sephiroth."


From: Blaze F0X Kitsune
Subject: I have a question.

Why is it that Something Awful, Portal of Evil and the rest of the furry-haters always post CRAP pics by CRAP artist as their example of furry smut? There's better shit out there than some poor sod's fursuit design. Try Zen, or Battle Angel, those people can actually draw some decent furry porn. Actually, I'll e-mail you an example of quality fur-fag art, okay?

Because the vast majority of furry art sucks. It would be pretty dishonest to just show the (incredibly rare) peices of good art, and ignore the reams, and reams, and reams and reams of horrible, brain-crunchingly awful shit that dominates furry art sites.

From: Peter Andrews
Subject: I'm glad your honest

I writing to you just to let you know that you have helped me out so much. My friend the other day, who I were mates with for about 4 years turned round to me the other day and told me that he was a furry and had been for a few years and that I was the first person he had told. I’ve always though he was a bit weird, but that was one of the reasons I used to like him, and I just took this as another one of his weird things and just let it pass.

I didn’t know what a furry was until I came across your site, and I cannot believe that this is what he is into. I actually felt physically sick, to think that my best mate was a fucking pervert. I guess I acted irrationally, I was suppose to just go and have a yell at him for being such a twat and tell him to straighten himself out, but I didn’t. When I saw him, all I could think of was him getting off over mascot suits and shit.

I didn’t think about what I was doing, I just acted out on instinct and I smacked him in the jaw. He went down straight away, obviously shocked and confused. I kicked him in the gut and started screaming at him. “You fucking sick cunt, how could you do that, its not fucking right, you’re sick!” He looked up at me, his mouth was totally fucked up. I was expecting him to say sorry or to give some sort of explanation, but no.

“Fuck you”

I just lost it and booted him in the face, but suddenly I snapped back to reality. What the fuck had I just done? I wasn’t sure if I killed him or if he was just unconscious. I legged it home and just broke down in my room. The whole incident kept playing on my mind as if I had done something wrong. But no. He had done the wrong. He wasn’t right in the head, and I did what needed to be done, and it’s all thanks to you. With out your site I would have just left him in his twisted furry world, unaware of what he was really like behind closed doors. He would end up becomming more and more mentally disturbed and involved with this shit.

As far as I’m concerned now, he was never my friend and i never want to see him again. He had better sort himself out, now he knows what's comming to him if not.


From: Jason Levers
Subject: God also tells you to love all

Hmm, your opinions mean what? Well, I know I couldn't really care but im here bored out my wits so I thought I'd come see what all the rage is about. You seem to only pick up on bad things. You do know what a Furry is right? Its not all Furotica and Porn you know. If you take a look at the human side. Human's are alot sicker and perverted... Furries Forever :D Lots of Wuv : Jay who is 15 and has no sexuality :p

I think that's super.

From: Shadow Hunter

Hi pal. I'll tell you this right off the bat... if i were to scream and yell at you, well, that's what EVERY person you piss off does. So i know you will only find humaor in this email, so it's a waist of my time, but i'm guna tell you what i think of ur site. keep in mind, i'm not yelling at you, i'm just a writer, and i am a dog...so i felt qualified to give you feedback on ur site...

1. First off, i think you are an anal retentive bastard who doesn't even know any furries. because if you did, you would realize the things on your site aren't true. So, i've come to the conclusion that you are just some lifeless dumb ass who wants attention through hating others you don't know. So how about you get your corpse out of your parent's house, and get a life you knob-gobbling, condacending faggot.

2. Next, the info on your site is all completely and untainted bullshit. So... I'll repeat, if you actuall met some furries, you would know this. I think actually, someone you hate is a furry, so in a desperate grasp at attention, you crash down on all of us... you see, you can't help yourself by destroying others, and if i was at your scrubby shithole house, i'd beat you to the ground cuz i bet i could. *smiles wider, and laughs at the fact that i haven't raised my vioce once, but said all this in a calm, conversation-like tone*

in conclusion, you need some help, someone to fill some color into that shamless, pathetic shadow you call your everyday life. Then you need to eat thit and die (after i kick ur ass of cours) I'm not mad at you for your retarded website that convays lies, and also lies, because i pitty you instead, for what pathetic things make you satasfied in life.

If you wanna email me back and help me fill in the blanks as to why you're trying so hard to get noticed....m or to laugh at this email... go ahead and write me back: rosland@herzeleid.net caus i'd love to finish telling you what a two faced jock-juggler you are.... but since i'm already waisting secveral minutes of my life talking to someone who won't listen anyway, and prebably will never right me back, i don't have time right now.... thanx for listening rug-muncher, Gutan nacht do schwul esle bumzen, and remember my little catch phrase 'hunt~the~hunted'

with love -----shadow clous hunter (call me hunter)

It occurs to me that most furries would be really quite at home on the planet of the apes.

From: Evan A
Subject: God also tells you to love all

Do you think all furrys like to fuck animals? Thay did a pole and it tells us that only 1 out of every 54 furrys wold even think of that. I am a furry and I do not put on a mask and fuck dogs! I do anthro art. If you did this site becus you hapend to see that thing thay showd on MTV, it was all bullshit. Furrys are just like you but thay have a real idea of the things thay like. Its like a big rolplaying game and you get to pic your own look. Oh ya, Your site was funny.^-^

Oh well if it's only 1 in every 54...

From: Shayn Davis
Subject: You're a dick

You are so petty. Anyone who likes to look at bugs bunny jacking of is disturbed. It's common knowledge. You don't have to make a website about it, or do you just like to be a biggot? Alienating a certain group for what they do, even if it is weird, is stupid. It just seems like you're wasting your time when you could be bashing a larger group, like gays or blacks. Mail me back.

That's a very valid point, actually.

From: charles iii
Subject: So I'm simple minded?

I read in a bit that you wrote that furries have sorta purile minds, that its like having to explain something to a child. So, in other words you need to explain in a way that we can understand, but if someone's like that how do you know that you are in fact the child in this analogy? I mean, then it would be you who had the simple mind, and that you are actually just being a hypocritical idiot, because you are also twisting logic and facts to justify your own means, and if thats the case then doesn't all that you say in that shit-hole of a site mean absolutly nothing? By the way, what you are doing is actually pointless, stating that God hates furries, I mean what is that, as I read in another outraged responder's message, where does it say that? What chapter? I could go on and on but it doesnt matter really if I do does it? Jus keep in mind Hitler, what you do is pointless, nothing can come of mockery and hatred except a world of loathing. With that off my chest thankyou for parting a few seconds from your hell and have a miserable life ^^

P.S. Do not say Satan is related to furries, do not think that it is so easy to break my spirit, and of course coming straight from the wolf's muzzle I dont howl when I'm cornered dumbass

From: Rick Henegar
Subject: .

You are an idiot. Have you honestly deluded youself enough to believe that you yourself can destroy us. Do you think anything you preach will suddenly make all, or even any, furries in the world change what they're doing. I read through your site, and I became sad. You miss out on so much in life because of your fear of that which is different. Fight and struggle against change all you want, we'll still be here in the end. I don't intend to stop you, I now I can't. God couldn't get you stop. I just wanted to let you know that there's alot more to life than hate and fear.
Sincerly, Edge

Yes, I sure do miss out on so much by not dressing up as a cow and prancing around like a fucking moron.

From: Dart Lionheart
Subject: I agree 10% yet 90% I know is wrong!

Ok...well, I've already read from your site that ppl and furrs have told you that not all furrs are pervs and sex addicts. After which you said that if you search for things such as these that you will end up with sex/yiff and pedofiles and many things like that. Well you are right, but only for 10% of furries. The furrs that put sites like playmouse are part of that percent.

The rest, such as I are ones do things like compare attributes of the animals to ourselves to pick our species and then also can make yourself feel better. There are also ppl such as I who just use it to make friends if other friends are not into Furrie. There are still many more types of Furrie like ones who use it to have a better RP experience such as I. There are also sights like pounced.com that are used to find friends,mates,and if your part of the 10%...1 night stands.

There are still many more but since I'm not sure if you are even competent enough to take any of this to mind and compare it with your first thoughts of us I shall not waste either of our times. You should also know that there are more of us than you think, I don't even seem like the kind of person who would even stand watching gays or furrs exist, yet I am an Intellegent person, athletic,understanding, I have been able to control my anger against ppl like u for a while now, but I'm also a Furrie, I'm bisexual, I have many friends who hate ppl like you, and I don't waste my time by making a web site in a futile attempt to break others spirits!

You should know that your premonitions on how to break our spirits will only work on some of the 10% percent and no more. The person I used to be before becoming a Furrie would have cursed his head off and threatened your life, but I'm not like that anymore b/c I found the reason why I felt difference between me and others, and its b/c I'm a Furrie! Furrs are never alone, so they usually never do things such as flipping out and killing ppl and suicide and things of the sort b/c we are not alone so we find and receive comfort from others.

You think that you are right, you think that god hates furrs, well he may, but we all no he hates you, if you cant figure out why then you might as well shove a light bulb up your ass as a sign that you have no idea. I believe in no god anyway, most Furrs are gay, so if they are religious then most know they are going to hell anyway. But for the ones like me, they don't fear hell, b/c to me and them, there is no hell.

You might put this on your site and add a dumb reply trying to state that I'm dumb and out of my mind, but you will convince no one that any Furr or person has problems except for yourself. I shall end this message before I can think of any insults against you to go along with the truths I have stated about and to you.

Dart Lionheart,
the warrior Folf

What is a warrior folf

From: Sebastian
Subject: U R Lame

I'm not a fur, but i can say you pretty waste your time. Developing a website, based on nothing doesnt make your "life" better. Why don't you make up a website like "godhates64bit.com" ? Or, because i guess you don't even a own computer or how to use it, "godhatesmicrosoft.com" ? At least i've got a girlfriend with big tits, and you not. ;-)

Damn I've been found out.

From: xmarshmallow
Subject: Ranting at you(?)

Erm... hey, I guess I'm here to rant at you, huh? I'm not used to doing this sort of thing, but this time I really can't help myself. You are truly being despicable in your actions, and I can only hope that no-one is really taking you seriously. o.O This *is* a joke, right? Because, no one with as much intellectual potential could be this close minded, right? I mean, you're sounding worse then that gay bashing baptist preacher who pickets gay people's funerals (and, by the way, has a *very* similar domain name, godhatesfags.com). You are treating furries as something less than people, stating that you should be proud when you "have successfully broken their spirit". Maybe it's just me, but I try to dedicate myself to being *kind* to people. Whenever I have a friend in trouble, it makes my day to do whatever I can for them, but you seem to enjoy hurting people above all. Before I go any further, I should state that yes, I am a fur, and yes, I am quite "furverted" or whatever. I enjoy and "get off" to drawings of anthromorphic characters having sex with eachother. Does this make me less of a person? Maybe. I don't know, really, all I know is that I enjoy it, and it's something I've chosen and am willing to live with. I'm proud to be a fur, but I'm perfectly aware that others may and probably will look down on me for preferring something other than what they do. Is it harmful to myself or others? No, and therefore since it is only my own personal pleasure and really no one else's buisness, I don't see a problem with it, and I enjoy it thoroughly. So am I less of a person? I would argue vehemently against it.

On another personal note, I also happen to be gay. That means that I prefer *men* sexually, and I am turned on by pictures of men engaged in sexual acts. Does this make me less of a person?
The only real difference I see in views on homosexuality and being furry is that being a "furvert" is, as far as I know, voluntary. As far as I know, I wasn't born, nor did I develop the sexual tendancy towards furry characters. But, I do know that I *never* had a choice of what I was attracted to. So, because I have never had the ability to be turned on by women, does that make me less of a person?

I suppose that choice lies in you. I don't support your anti-fur site in the least, and I think it's a bunch of crap, but I don't think there should be a way to force you off the internet. "Though I may not agree with what you're saying, I'll defend to the death your right to say it" Erf... >.> I didn't really have time to come up with a coherent thesis, but I suppose this will do for now. Sorry if I sound like a snob, but that's just the way I type when I write formally. v.v; it's terrible, I know.

P.S. I thought it was funny how you "bash" 2, the Ranting Gryphon even though you two use pretty much the same techniques when it comes to satire. "any actual normal person will realise that his show is about as funny as having your eyeballs popped with a dentists' drill." Did you take that joke directly out of one of his shows?

>.> Oh, and if anyone else gets to read this, go ahead and listen to some of 2's better rants. I'm pretty sure most of his stuff is not furry specificly funny, because all the friends I've played it for (I have no RL furry friends, these ones are all non-furs) found the stuff I played funny as hell. Even my brother couldn't stop laughing, so go ahead and give 2 a try, see if you like it.

From: Mike
Subject: You need to be taught a lesson.

Two-minutes Lessons: Lesson One

An eagle was sitting on a tree resting, doing nothing. A small rabbit saw the eagle and asked him, 'Can I also sit like you and do nothing?' The eagle answered: 'Sure, why not.' So, the rabbit sat on the ground below the eagle and rested. All of a sudden, a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it.

Management Lesson - To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high up.

Lesson Two

A turkey was chatting with a bull. 'I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree,' sighed the turkey, 'but I haven't got the energy.' 'Well, why don't you nibble on some of my droppings?' replied the bull. 'They're packed with nutrients.' The turkey pecked at a lump of dung, and found it actually gave him enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree. The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second branch. Finally after a fourth night, the turkey was proudly perched at the top of the tree. He was promptly spotted by a farmer, who shot him out of the tree.

Management Lesson - Bull shit might get you to the top, but it won't keep you there.

Lesson Three

A little bird was flying south for the winter. It was so cold; the bird froze and fell to the ground into a large field.
While he was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on him. As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, he began to realize how warm he was. The dung was actually thawing him out! He lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy.
A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate. Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung, and promptly dug him out and ate him.

Management Lesson - (1) Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy.

(2) Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.

(3) And when you're in deep shit, it's best to keep your mouth shut!

This ends your two minute management course.

I needed a lesson on shitting, apparently.

From: Jonathan
Subject: a nice letter

You Fucking ass licking spawn of a slug how dare you call all furries stupid, YES its F U R R I E not furry you dick wipe, go and get a fucking life you stupid puss licking turdmonger,you fucking retarded buttmonkey. eat shit, you hate furries, well furries hate furrie haters.

>From Flame flayer(Dragonic) + Redmoon(Fox).

Hope you enjoyed our letter dickfucker.

From: Abdel
Subject: pointless...

I looked at more of the pointless information you have on your site... Did you know when a person sneeze the diaphram can produces enough electricity to power two cities for 4 minutes compared to a generator? Sweet, huh?
And did ya know your site contains more bullshit then that and all I need is two slices of bread? Cause all you are doing is putting words in gods mouth. There's no significant proof he truly hates furries... Where did he say it? Point it out. What chapter? What Versus? I'll look it up... Can't speak what you can't prove huh?
And I can ask my preist about what you got... Cause for a fact god hates no one. I dare you to put this on your site... cause if you don't I'll post this up on several forums. Proving how much you blind peoples eyes with a blanket, a dark blanket called a lie.


What the fuck does that part about bread even mean.

From: ryan
Subject: Your site


Just visiting your site, and i think that your a bit too full of yourself. The e-mails section in particular, mostly due to the fact that you are giving your monosylabic, one sided response, when someone cant defend themselfs agaisnt what you say, it does make you seem wittier, dosnt it? But, anyway, rather than go on i am going to say this, if you had someone actually debate you in view of anyone that would care, which lets face it, is very few, you would look like an ass. Try inviting a few people to a live chat, or rather a debate, but as i can guess, you won't. Personally i would love the job of making you look like an ass, ( well, ya know genetics kinda beat me to it, but none the less) you give me a time and service you want to use for this and i'll be there. But seeing as this will probably be deleated, or put up on your website with some witicisim like " like i have time for this loser" i am probably not going to have to clear out my schedual any time soon am i?

Well in short, you are a turd in the punchbowl of life.


From: jup
Subject: generic email

You must be a sad man for getting off on this.

At first, I thought you had some religious basis for your drive towards building a site like this. Now...I just think you get off on it.

I must commend your choice of people to make enemies of. As the odds are great that if you were to walk through a sea of furs, you\'d make it through without so much as a bruise or scratch. Whereas, so many other cultures would surely lay a hand on you.

I might not be harmed directly as such, but I bet I'd catch something nasty.

From: Hannah
Subject: furries

""Furries are known to be irrational, quick to anger, easily offended, self-righteous and very, very, very dim.""

You have not one clue bout furries do you, furries aren't all like that, you can't just assume we are. I'm Bryony Coran, I'm an otter :) and i was just wondering WHY you have such a problem with furries?

I was looking though your site and you went on about how furries are pretty much just a bunch of people that pretend to be animals so they can have an interesting sex life.

Anyways, the main point is why do you hate furries? Please respond sometime soon, cause if you don't it will just confirm more that you don't care for other peoples lifestyles.

Peace xXx

Didn't reply, don't care for other people's lifestyles.

From: Claw815
Subject: Insulting furries?

I am really insulted by what you have on your site.

Not all furries are perverts. You and every none furry only think that because you don't understand us!

I don't understand people, but that doesn't mean I think of them as perverts.

And don't say you understand us. By what you say on your site I know you don't!

There is much more to furries than you think. For one we furries represent the force of the anti-prejudice. We show that if we can act like different animals and get along then there should be hope for all of people to accept one another as they are.

Also, some furries are good christians. Even though I'm not a christian I've met those who are so your title of "God Hates Furries" is as false as summer snow in Mexico. How would you know that God hates furries? The only way you'd truely think that is if you're one of those fools who thinks that God talks to you.

And if that's the case, then you'd most likely need to be in a mental ward.

I say this to you because I'm a furry artist and I try to respect people despite their believes. So all ask you is to respect furries for the way they are or just leave them alone.

And if you think that furries are such an image to mock, then maybe I should point out the things that humans need to be mocked for. Such has how even though you all look the same for the most part on the outside you humans keep fighting against one another when you should instead embrace each other! And why do you fight each other? Your own prejudices start your fights. Your unacceptance of one another's looks, ways of living, or even religion.

Because of your ways of arguing over religion is the very reason I abandoned religion for the most part.

And not to mention that you humans think you rule the earth and are the smartest being in the world, yet look how many times that an animal outsmarted a human and even adapt to "The World of Man" when humans even have trouble adapting to the same place that was built for them!

I enjoy the way the person who wrote this email refers to humans. It is obviously the product of a diseased mind. It wasn't hard to find his elfwood gallery full of generic anime mecha girl porn etc. etc.

From: Cliff
Subject: a thought

I like the fact that is impossible to surf the internet without finding at least 20 people who have closed their minds to any other possibilities. I'm sure you have a wonderful job that pays well, maybe even your own house and family. But everything you say on your site is merely teh rantings of a close-minded individual who is afraid to see ALL aspects of another group of people. I am not a furry. I love to roleplay, and I have several different characters I use, one who happens to be an anthropomorphic leopard, but I do not condone or take part in the extremely perverted acts you have described. I can't draw worth a damn, and I don't try. I do not use this leopard character constantly, either. I have other, human characters, who have their own strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, I do not resort to name-calling when I have nothing more to say. If I lose an argument, I lose only because the other person has proved to me beyond reasonable doubt that they are correct and I am wrong. I have met several people who are furries in the IRC channels I frequent. In real life they are human beings just like you and I, and they are completely different people, quite in contrast to their fursonas. Please feel free to flame me. I will only laugh at your pathetic attempts to hurt my feelings with words. Also, feel free to assume anything about me that I failed to mention here. Alternately, you could put forward a logical argument about why furries are so terrible.


Cliff claims not to be a furry, yet he roleplays an anthropomorphic leopard. You're a furry, Cliff.

You have to have a bit of extra knowledge in order to fully appreciate this next email: In it's original format, it was heavily bolded, in a gigantic font, and most of the text was coloured red.
From: DemonicOtterz
Subject: YO!! Wazzzuppp in the Hizzle?! I WANT YOUR real SN!

Um at least get your "Fair, Unbiased, Factual resource(lie)" ass to the truth statement above. Godhatesfurries.com is a website dedicated to showcasing the dark, crazy side of the Furry internet community. Um, exactly. The DARK, CRAZY SIDE! IF THIER IS A 'DARK' SIDE, THE LOGICAL EXPLANATION IS THAT THIER IS A 'LIGHT SIDE'! get me? so, it's LOGICAL to assume that your just trying to deface the fandom, and will be categorized with the other fuktards who like attention and getting jail- ass from thier mammas, like aw, hell. just look up my screen name on google. dumbshit. Why do you like to to this, Frued would have a field day... wait, you probably don't even know who he is. Something Awful SEE I DON't CARE!!! GOD DAMN- WHEN WILL YOU FIGURE OUT... YOU CAN'T HURT ME BY CALLING ME SOMETHING I AM.

Additionally, this was like the fourth or fifth email he had sent me, warning me not to 'fuck with the fandom' and informing me that 'they all go down'. I replied and told him to stop emailing me because I didn't care, and I received this:
From: DemonicOtterz
Subject: but, mister! you won't stop.

How can I stop when you won't?
Will they open their eyes
And realize we are one
On and on we stand alone
Until our day has come
When they open their eyes
And realize we are one

I love the way I feel today
But how I know the sun will fade
Darker days seem to be
What will always live in me
But still I run

It's hard to walk this path alone
Hard to know which way to go
Will I ever save this day
Will it ever change

From: LordSunchild
Subject: hello

Just went to your web site. Most is true.. You might be asking your self if I one of those furrys, right.. Well somewhat. Just a Dragon covered in fur. Not being mean or anything, I just think you went a little overboard on everything... I'm not bitching or anything but could you be more respectful of their's "ways of life." You can cut me down, laugh, say that I'm nuts, I don't care... Just remember if we ever meet and you were in trubble, would I save your life?

I emailed him back and informed him that I would not save his life should we find ourselves in the reverse situation. Reply:
From: LordSunchild
Subject: MmmHmm

Well "J" I can clearly see that you have vary little friends... Now I may not be into this Furry thing, But I do have a forgiving heart. I' not mad at you or anything, I just wanted to know why.... Will you all was put people down just because they think differently than you? Come on, your not that cold hearted, now are? I got a feeling your reading this thinking that I'm a stupid perverted fuck, right? Well thats your opinion and I know that I can't change it. But are you going to feel this way about them forever? No... Nobodey is that unforgiving, only the devil is......

And YES, I would save your life. I do forgive, and I forgive you...................

That's nice.

From: Jason
Subject: heh

There's shit in every river, whether you care to see it or not.

By the way, your site is awesome. The way it ruthlessly, and pitifully bashes and insults furries is so inspiring. I shall learn much from your ignorance. I'd also like to congratulate you for proving to me that, yes, there are stupid people out there. Thank you.

PS go ahead and mock me, its not as if I haven't dealt with your kind before. After three years, they still haven't broken me in any way.


From: RedTailed Hawk
Subject: U SUCK!!

Not that I know if you suck or not, I just needed something to grab your attention.

WooHoo!! So I made it on to your website? Now if only I can get on the Portal of Evil website will my life be complete. So god hates furries does he? Good, I hate the fucker too. Maybe we can have hate sex some time, who knows!

The arguments on your website are both compelling and informative, but they overlook a basic concept. What if I don't WANT to be a normal cookie cutter stamp of humanity devoid of independent thought??

Ohhh! Excuse me. I need to go bang my plushie eagle. Just found a website full of bird mating pictures! :>~~~

"Not better, just different... finally a change from the ordinary!"

For your continued amusement of furries, my website: http://www.rthawk.com/hawk

Visit the website. Go on. Then try and figure out what the fuck it's meant to be.

From: Jan
Subject: your burnfur site

Well, I've found your anti furry site on the web, some time ago, and read the content. But I realy don't get the point why you make such a big deal about this furry culture. Well may be it's not that usual, when people enjoy to see anthromorphic animals having sex with each other, or having sex in fursiut. But as far I can see, they don't do something illegal or hurt anyone. So why spending all these nasty words. There are many sub cultures out there that do carazy things, like flashmobbers for exemple. but no one writes a flame pages about these guys. But even if furries realy would be that bad and sick people as you discribe, do you realy think that mocking and laughting is the right way to react on things that bother you. This kind of reaction is on the level of 12 year old school kiddy. another good idea would be to inform yourself a bit better, before you make a strict opinion about things you just don't understand. for exemple your comment about the otherkin. furrys and otherkin are to different kind of shoes. otherkin is a spiritual self deffinition similar to some animistic belief systhems. May be this is also a verry different way of thinking, but these people don't have to do anything with furries, or are to be seen as psychical broken, just for someone can't understand their way of thinking and feeling. There are many people out there in the world who think their way of thinking is the only true one, and start to hate those who are different. But hate and prejudices don't make the world a btter place. And also you're site won't.

This is what I like to call the 'generic' email.

From: Allen
Subject: I don't expect (or want) an answer for this, but.

I'm a fur. Yeah. I bet right now you're expecting me to go wacko on you, typing things in all caps with poor spelling, lots of !!!!!!11 type things, and all of that. Rather, I have a small observation to make; namely I've been wondering whether these things have occured to you:

1. Yes, you do have the right to do and say as you will. I don't know if your objective is to try to get rid of us all, or simply offend us, or simply give "fair and unbiased" info to the unaware, but you do have the right to do as you will.

2. For somebody who apparently hates us with a fiery, burning passion, you're sure spending an awful lot of time thinking about us.

3. For a "fair and unbiased" site, you sure do a lot of complaining.

4. People like you are the reason so many furs are athiest. We don't want to have anything to do with a god who will condemn us for something as irrelevant as liking cartoon animals.

5. If you have such a problem with us, you could just, I don't know, pretend we don't exist instead of spending so much time concentrating on how much you hate us.

6. People like you encourage us to stay exactly as we are. We do what we do to escape reality, without the aid of drugs and booze, because the real world is filled with intolerant bigots like you.

7. You should spend some time on a MUCK, namely Tapestries. Regardless of its reputation as being nothing but cybersex, cybersex and more cybersex, all that ever really happens in public is people sitting around and chatting about this and that. Most of the time it doesn't even have anything to do with furry things.

8. We're people, too. Discriminating against us is the same as discriminating against Jews, blacks, or gays, as well as being as stupid and fruitless as discriminating against "Star Trek" fans.

9. Yes, Doug Winger is messed up in the head. That's why virtually none of us like his work.

If you've made it all the way through this thing, you're to be commended. Congratulations. You invited complaints, so here they are. I don't expect or want an answer.

Have a nice life,


This is another good example of the 'generic' email. You know that when an email starts out with 'I'm a fur' things are going to go downhill fast.

I didn't read this next email. It was far too long. I tried reading it again, because I figured if I was going to copy it onto this page I should at least know what it says, but then I remembered that it was reeeeally reeeally long, so I didn't bother. If someone can read it for me and email me the general jist of it (Prefereably in 5 short words or less), I'd be very greatful. Feel free to skip over it, it's probably not very funny.
From: Scott
Subject: If God hated furries, he shouldn't have made cats so cute.

I send this, fundamentally because I have nothing better to do... it might be a touch verbose, that's simply my way, and in that minor quality, I do appologise.
First off, one must ask, why? Generally speaking, what is there really to hate about furries? It is the mental images of fursuits, and plushie sex that fill your mind, and for justifiably reason, leave a foul taste in your mouth, which you blame these people for causing?

That, I don't really see... unless of course you are also homophobic... but even that doesn't really make sense. Even in the case of pure vanilla sex, when you really think about it, it's fundamentally pretty gross, what with all the fluids and orifices. From a distance, the vision and notion of it is quite lovely, but in the end, it's at best a lesser of two evils compared to furry, or general fetish sex. While I can see how the notion of masturbating in a plush animal is... less than appealing, the vision of the standard hetrosexual man lotioning and jerking off into a sock is hardly an example of divine beauty.

Regardless, we all manage to avoid spiralling into a pit of madness by avoiding envisioning most people, aside from perhaps those we find attractive, in the throes of extacy. I don't see why it should be any different with a furry.

Now, offhand, I would assume you've had many negative encounters with furries (which you did not initiate), but I find it unlikely, as although there are thousands, if not millions of furries on the internet, one generally does not tend to run into them, unless they look for them. While naturally, there are a few exceptions, few will directly flaunt their furryness, or at best will do it in a very minor, playful way unless approached or targetted on the matter. I'll have to act under the assumption that a fur has initiated some sort of conflict online, rarely or never... not to imply that your site claims otherwise, I'm just narrowing down a few possibilities... and I'll presume you're rational enough to realize that the name of the website, if nothing else, is something of a challenge to furries, so opposition inspired by it, cannot fairly be considered uninstigated.

Now, that really just seems to leave moral objection, perhaps religiously inspired... I'd say that's unlikely. The title of the site seems more humerous, and of course, would be a form of blasphemy if otherwise. As for general morality, although I don't know you, it would be rude to assume you as being under average intelligence, so I'm sure you know that applying morality is nowhere near as easy as it sounds, especially when dealing with something like furryness which is, in essense, victimless.

Now, in the unlikely event one is still reading this overtly long, boring monologue at this point, you'll probably wonder, what's the point of this? Obviously you, as the hater of furries, know exactly why you dislike them, and are far more qualified to make the assessment than I. I just state the above, because frankly, I don't really understand it... perhaps I'm just too soft, but I just have no particular hatred of any group, who doesn't interfere with my general lifestyle, and have difficulty understanding people prone to such behaviors.

Now, I suppose there's the fact that furries are irrational, quick to anger, and very, very dim... to which there are two replies:

1) People in general are not that smart. In any group, whether it be furries, christians, atheists, republicans, or pepsi drinkers, a certian faction is prone to be ignorant, and, unfortunately, very vocal, and thus, a lot more visible than the more sensible/less interesting members of said faction.

2) It's a natural response to attack. Conflict, generally speaking, tends to bring out the worst in people, and inspires speed over cunning, with both words and actions. Now, the stronger the group is, the less this effect, because they tend to be less desperate, as they realize there isn't much amunition to be used against them.

Furries, however, are a naturally weak group, because, from general objective standards, they're "odd", and when challenged on the issue, have little to fall back on. Deep down, every furry knows the 'lifestyle' isn't entirely legitimate... either that, or they are among the relatively few, like myself, they aren't concerned with legitimacy.

They aren't furries by choice, and in a way, with they weren't. As you certianly know, they are insecure, and for good reason. Even more so than most fetishes, furryness is something nearly impossible to rationalize, or justify... it's simply there. The best they can do is form their online societies, rather than trying to let the physical world accept it, because acceptance is all but impossible. When attacked, they lash back at the insult, for the exact same reason everyone take offense to every insult... they fear it to be the truth.

Perhaps you think you're site is just taking some self righteous perverts down a peg, but in reality, all you're doing is kicking people while they're down. These people are devients... you know it, they know it, the world knows it... and they don't really need that thrown in their faces.

Generally speaking, furs are quite friendly, well meaning, and fairly tolerant... although I must admit, that the arrogant, antisocial computer nerd types sometimes gravitate towards furryness, but in all fairness, but that population is pretty stable all across the internet. Like any group, when attacked, generally their worst natures are revealed. Does this justify it? Not really... in reality, they should just enjoy themselves, logically foresee any attacks against them, and shrug them off, roll their eyes, and go on with their day. Everyone should do this when attacked, but few do.

Furries are harmless... and as a moral rule, one should reserve their spite for those who actively mean harm, not simply for those who are simply deemed inferior for whatever reason in your own eyes... this is based on the assumption of course, that one actually wishes to make the world a better place, and not desire to make life a little bit worse for those who mean you no harm.

This probably won't all be read, and I can't claim that it necessarily deserves to... but, all I can say is that furries aren't worthy of hatred... assuming that the page is meant to be taken literally. If you simply find the practice kind of funny or amusing, and enjoy poking fun at certian unusual aspects of it, all the while bearing no general ill will to the generic fur, then it's different... but it should be taken in mind, that we all have a few rather unusual traits which we tend to follow... the fact that some tend to draw more attention to them then others doesn't mean very much.

Here we come to some of my favourite emails, from a person called S.Wolf.
From: S.Wolf
Subject: website content/copyrights

we are asking you to remove the following picture from your website: http://www.godhatesfurries.com/viewimage.php?id=68

in case you are not interesstet in an ugly and long lawsuit you should remove this picture like NOW !

ps: we are not going to argue with you about this, period. we are not very pleased to see yet another website of a member of the religious fanic american society.

greetings from . A...C...oto Europe


I don't have my exact reply to hand, but it was a simple two-word reply consising of "What?" and "Why?" The reply:
From: S.Wolf
Subject: website content/copyrights

since i'm not going to repeat myself
you are going to have a letter from our layers in your mail soon

i realy like international copyright laws
you'll hate them after you are broke from the lawsuit


Again, I don't have my exact reply to hand, but I basically asked him again why he wanted me to do this. Reply:
that's it

you will hear from our lawyers now


I never heard from him again.

From: Kyle
Subject: Excuse me...

Dear Sir,

I happened to overhear someone on the street mention your website. I am not a furry, but I have heard of furries before and I was curious to hear what you had to say about them.

I was shocked. I found your site full of hate. I had hoped that you would present a case for your views. Instead, your arguments seem limited to: "A simple rebuff of any argument with "But you are a furry" is invincible." (from http://www.godhatesfurries.com/index.php?p=dealing) That is not an argument, sir. That is bigotry. Your website does not present an argument against furries; if it coherently presents any position, it is that you are at least as bad a human being as any of the furries you mock, and probably worse.

I would be ashamed to be associated with a website like yours. Were I in your position, I would feel so awful that I would take it down right away.

From: Jay
Subject: Your site

I was just wondering where you find all this information on furries?

I'm mean ya you've got a right to your opinion and to say whatever you'd like on your own web site. But, don't you think presenting only one side with your skewed "facts" isn't really proving anything?

Some people are smart enough to make a decision on their own without a bais one way or the other. Although I have to admit your site is entertaining and all and some of it is even true. But, why do you feel the need to pass judgement on a group of people?

Just because you don't like what furries are into doesn't mean you should run around slamming us on our own sites or LJs. After all just because someone is a fur doesn;t mean they don't have a life outside the fandom like you apparently think we don't.

Although I suppose I can see why you'd form the opinion you have. But, could it possibly be that maybe some members of the fandom feel like they found a place where they can let their hair down so to speak?

But, hey what do I know I'm a furry. And according to you I should go run off and masterbate to a Mickey Mouse cartoon. I'll pass thanks, oh and you should let people know some of your "facts" are total crap and have no basis on the reality of your hatred of the Furry Fandom. But, as you said Freedom of speech and what not. Be proud that you can say what you like, but are you willing to defend a furries right to speak their mind with your life?

Thats the test of the Freedom of Speech. And I've got no problem defending your right to say what you wish. But, if your not willing to do the same then why do you feel your entitled to that Freedom? Simply because its given to you? People have given their lives for that one simple freedom and unfortunatly people take it for granted.

I know you'll have something nasty to say about this e-mail or post it on your site. Please go ahead not all furries are as you portray us. But, when you want to be blind to something its easy to over look things. Try talking to a fur without being condecending or thinking your better than us. Your not your human to and just as flawed. Sorry to let you in on that secret but ya are.

Well thats my whole thing. So please feel free to respond or mock me or whatever.

Here I'll even give you my AIM Screen Name so you can tell me how full of crap you think I am quicker than through e-mail.


Well thanks for taking the time to read this and have a very pleasnt day.


I think I just blew your How to Deal with Furries portion out of the water.

I didn't read that one either.

I think this next one may well be the greatest email I have ever received.
From: Raiutaryuu
Subject: those damn furres

lol hey, man. just saw your site. that was some really funny stuff. you know, i gotta admit, there's nothing funnier than when ppl devote their life to something evil, vile, and absurd. imagine, wasting your life away, in some ill-gotten, false, and contrived belief, and hacking their hours away behind a keyboard, wasting oxygen until they die....i really feel bad for anyone who would be low enough and sick enough to get off on something like that, i mean, really, wasting their life away, hosting a hate site that no one will take seriously. i really feel for ya man.....all these hours of writing hateful things about other ppl, just to make yourself feel better? Maybe you should try friends, or a perhaps nice hobby? seriously, sitting there, brooding about other ppl's business for hours cant be good for your health. you know, you mentioned earlier how "sinful" it was to emerse yourself in "furry". but i've got one even sadder: listen up kids, this story's a real tear-jerker......it's all about this one guy, who really didn't have any place to fit in himself. so he decides, "if I cant have a home, i'll just break someone else's". this poor, sad little man wasted his life away on a keyboard, typing mean little things on his keyboard about all the things he hated, or at least all the "cool" ppl told him he did. and he was happy for a while, but that's when someone threw a wrench in his face, i mean "plans". the ppl he hated started using logic and reason to defend themselves, weapons he had never before brandished or knew how to defend against. so what does the sad little man do? he builds a fort out of two books: a thesaurus and a bible. he flings big words and bad quotes over the walls at his enemies. unfortunately, the walls he hid behind made him blind to the rest of the world, not knowing that long ago, his enemies stopped stopped feeling sorry for him and just left. now he wildly flings hatred, the only thing he remembers how to do, at the enemy he thought he knew and isnt even there anymore. he did so until he ran out of hate to throw over the walls, and since he had long forgotten anything else, he was an even more sad and pathetic shell of a man than he used to be. and there he sat with his only friends, a worn thesaurus and a dusty bible. THE END.....well, he died an old, lonely man, never knowing anything but hate. okay, now THE END~ isn't that sad, kids? ya wanna know the saddest part? ITS BASED ON A TRUE STORY! dont believe me? turn off the computer, stand up, walk to the closet mirror, and get an eyeful. that's right, if ya havent figured it out by now, which WOULDNT surprise me, you're the star of this play. let me get one thing absolutley clear to you: God doesn't "hate" anyone.....so from that statement alone, i've come to the conclusion that you're not praying to God so much as you're hiding behind Him. and you're probably thinking right now that i'm going to tell you that you're using your imaginary friend to make the other kids like you. well, i'll tell ya this much: he doesn't like it and wants you to stop. and if you could pull your head out of your ass, he might tell you himself. how about instead of attacking ppl with bibles, you do something crazy, like, oh, i don't know....READ IT! and as far as your thesaurus, if it's not too worn out, i got a few words for you to look up: hate, so you know how bad what you're doing is; dim, since you use it so sparingly, you might ought to know what it means; and hypocrite, to save you the trip to the mirror~

now that i've made my logical defense, i'm going to make that "irrational and fueled by a persecution complex" defense. ya might wanna buckle up. first off, i dont hate ppl who are "stupid", even thought they screw up, at least they don't get off on other ppl's shortcomings. see, if someone accidentally hurts someone's feelings because they dont know any better, they said something "stupid", but if someone's just getting off to putting someone down, knowing they are hurting their feeling, knowing they set out to "reduce it to a sobbing wreck", well, they're just an ass. and i regret to inform you my friend, but you......are an ass! and what do I hate? asses. therefore, i'll speak slow or you might not get it the first time: i.....hate.....you. and if you're pissy about that, too bad. when you tell an entire community to fuck off, well you just shoulda seen this one coming. you wanna know what makes this worse? i took the time to read your site. though horribly inaccurate, it's somewhat well written. meaning you're not "stupid", you're just an ass! you get the logic there, friend? i think its pretty clear. i like the way you talk about how to "deal with", or should i say "break the spirits" of furries. i think it's pretty funny the way all your methods seem to have "online", or "at their keyboard" attached to them. i've got a question for ya. just out of random curiousity: how would you "handle" me? now i'm not talkin about this e-mail. i'm talking face-to-face. in the flesh, if you will. am i calling you out to a fight? if only life were as sweet as i knew where you lived to even make said challenge. no, though i will not decline, i am merely making a point. the point is this, you are a coward. why? because you wouldn't say these things to my face, disaggree? by all means, please, prove me wrong! see, i hurt ppl, and unlike most ppl, i like to mix business with pleasure. and this is now my business. because of these last few sentences, you wont put this on your website. would you like to know why? because if you do, you'll make my point for me, for all to see. there is no way you can put this original document on your site, no matter how you try to pick it apart, you're only making the point for me. That you're a coward hiding behind a keyboard. so, if you don't put this up.....i win. if you put it up and pick it apart.....i win. and if you edit it or change it in any way, you're just hiding behind lies like you always have.....and i win. btw, did i mention i won? AND i'm a furry....imagine that! and if you're foolhardy enough to actually try and contact me, meet me in person, and then actually confront me, not only do i win.....you lose. your site has already established how sick and bloodthirsty i am. am i gonna come after you with a chainsaw? no. too quick, not near as gratifying. that's only in movies. the real fun happens when you get your hands dirty, really "sink your teeth into it" if you will. and if your site's right, if your not really hiding behind lies, i'll probably get off to it, too. so, do you hide behind lies, or should you be shitting youself right now? do i make you uncomfortable, please "deal with me", however you see appropriate. one last thing, i'm not gonna try and cover my ass as far as aol is concerned, i'm not gonna make a comment about how i was joking, because i'm not afraid if you "report" me. because once again, i'll be right, and you'll be wrong......and, well, you know the rest. don't like it it? let's not forget that First Ammendment that you were tossing around. let me tell you what i'm doing. an original copy of this e-mail is being saved, so if its corrupted, manipulated, or ignored, i'll make sure everyone who sends you a letter, good or bad, gets a copy. i'll send it to all my furry friends, so rather than having our spirits broken, we can "deal with you" as the laughing stock you are, the lowly, hate-stained, coward behind the computer. oh, and by the way....i forgive you. that's covering my ass, as far as your imaginary friend and my "God" are concerned.

sincerely, a very angry, sadistic,yet forgiving hyena

p.s. you wanna know my name? where i live? who i really am?.....i asked you first.

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