Furry emails

Ever since Day 1 of godhatesfurries.com, I started getting email from furries and non-furries alike (I have 600+ emails saved, to date). All kinds of furries pitched in to whine, bitch, moan and complain about this and that. I expected it really -- it's what they do best. I reply to some, but I don't have time to reply to them all. I thought about posting some of the emails I get, but I originally decided against it because I do get quite a bit of email, and sifting through them might be hard work. But recently I've decided that some things just need to be shared, so on this page I have laid out a small selection of the emails I have received. Email addresses have been edited out to protect the criminally insane.

Remember always feel free to drop me a message.

I've broken the emails up into two separate pages now. So you can have a look at Page 1 or Page 2 .

From: Eric Hartz

Subject: People like you need to have pity

Before you rant on me, know two things. 1: I'm not mad at your close mindedness, and wish you get help to see the obvious.2: I happen to be an atheist, so your site name doesn't mean anything.

I truly can feel nothing but sorrow and pity for you, because you will never experience true joy, or the feeling of being loved by a community. Also, I have seen your writing style in all the 'emails' you 'recieved' meaning I can pretty much guarantee you wrote them. Last note, if your going to bash and hate on a topic, at least get the facts straight.

So, Eric did not believe that any of the e-mails featured on this site were real. I was very interested in how he arrived at this conclusion, so I sent an e-mail back.

From: J

Subject: Re: People like you need to have pity

Please ensure that as many people as possible are aware of your theory that I personally hand-wrote all of the emails featured on my web site. For instance, if (as you claim below) you guarantee that this is the case, you will no doubt be more than confident enough in creating a web page of your own where you can expand and detail your ideas - as well as the methodology used to come to your conclusion - thus exposing me as a massive fraud for all to see. That would certaintly be quite embarassing for me, I must admit. I would definitely have to delete the website altogether after such an exposé.

I look forward to seeing it.

But this apparently wasn't good enough for Eric.

From: Eric Hartz

Subject: Re: People like you need to have pity

No, I will not attack or undermine you in the public. A much more likely scenario would be that I DoS attack your servers, wipe (not destroy) your HDDs, and register the domain name for a different site, ultimately wiping your site from existence. Luckily, I prefer to play nice. I will not do this without provocation, thereby stooping to your level. As I said before, I'm not angry or upset with you, I would much rather see people open their eyes to reality, than commit a (laughingly bad) bullying attempt on another group of people.

"Take care of your life, it may end sooner than expected"- Fox

PS: (Not a threat, just a way of living)

I don't really know what "register the domain name for a different site" is supposed to mean, but I was more than happy to allow Eric to wrack his vengeance upon me.

From: J

Subject: Re: People like you need to have pity

Please consider this reply as constituting the maximum degree of provocation you require in order to begin your devilish attack. Upon request, I shall endeavour to inform you of any information of your specification that you deem necessary to posesss regarding the web-server my site is hosted on. This will work towards hastening and increasing the severity of the no-doubt devastating attacks detailed below. In return, I request that you inform me when your attack has begun, such that I might bear witness to the fruits of your destruction before you finally "register the domain name for a different site" and put an end to my website once and for all, somehow.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

But I guess he wasn't interested in doing any of that stuff he threatened to do after all...

From: Eric Hartz

Subject: Re: People like you need to have pity

Heh, you'll have to try better than that. As I said before, I don't attack without provocation. Unless you attack my comp, I won't do anything. Besides, I prefer to play nice. Laters.

Random question, Just WHY do you feel the need to devote time to that site?

I'm not quite sure how I can "try better" than actively asking Eric to actually follow through on his threats and offering to provide as much assistance to him in doing so as possible, which I thought was quite generous on my part. But to answer Eric's question, I do it because conversing with idiot furries like him, that do not have two brain cells to rub together, is truely hilarious. Further, bringing that joy to others - allowing a large audience of readers to experience the same merriment as I do when faced with the thoughtless stupidity of furries, desperately lashing out at the world just like Eric - is a truely rewarding endeavour!

From: bongzilla2


you are an aussie fag who really wants to fuck a furry. fuck off , you need to get a life. that website is gay as fuck and you are as well for creating it. kill yourself, you are a waste of human flesh. you are taking up my oxygen. fuck you and fuck god damn furrys too. go fuck a furry crocodile dundee, how about a fosters? go throw your frisbee at a kangaroo. you probably listen to men at work fuckin douche .

Right. I've been called a Nazi, a Racist, a member of the KKK and even a closet furry - all baseless lies and slander thrown at me by desperate Furries. But in all my years, the weirdest thing I have been called is a fan of 1980s Australian pop-rock band Men at Work. I'm just... wounded by that.

From: furry revolution

Subject: Long overdue

This is your freindly neghbourhood Militant Furry!

I am registering my intent to inhume your filthy racist corpse. for each post that you make until I find you, you shall recieve a hour of torture!

currently I have a broad community of fellow furries working for me so you will be found very soon.

See you there!

P.S if I were you I'd buy one of these balistic vests

P.P.S bullets are cheap

Seriously, sending an email on the internet threatening someone with real-life violence is one of the stupidest things you can do - only slightly less stupid than threatening someone in real life. What kind of fucking moron would do something like th... oh wait yeah Furries.

From: Chris Smith

Subject: description of satan

you actually have your description of satan totally wrong according to the bible satan was an angel at one point and was the most beautiful or handsome one of all of them and then one day he decided that he felt that the angels should be equal to god but god did not like this and banished him to running hell forever he did not change his appearance at all satan is still supposedly the most attractive thing anywhere that is why he can supposedly convince people to sin because he is sexier than they are so they have to do what he says because if not he will rub it in their face that he is better looking than they are but i don't think so i think that you are a FUCKING ASSHOLE WHO HAS A PROBLEM WITH MAKING WEBSITES THAT OFFEND A VERY LARGE GROUP OF PEOPLE BECAUSE WHATEVER YOU THINK ABOUT IT THERE IS QUITE A LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO LIKE FURRY ART NOT THE PERVERTED PART THAT STUFF IS SICK BUT YOU STILL MAKE IT SEEM LIKE THEY ARE ALL BAD ABOUT 50% ARE I THINK BUT THAT IS NOT ALL AND NOT ALL FURRIES ARE DIM OR STUPID OR THINK THAT IT IS OKAY TO FUCK DOGS OR DRESS UP IN SUITS AND HAVE SEX BECAUSE THAT IS ALL DISGUSTING AND WRONG BUT I STILL WANT TO TELL YOU THAT THERE ARE PLENTY OF PEOPLE THAT ARE FURRIES WHO HAVE AN IQ OF 153 THAT IS MINE THIS ONE IS ONE OF MY FRIENDS IQ 167 NOW TO OFFER SOME PERSPECTIVE IN CASE YOU ARE TO STUPID TO KNOW WHAT IS A HIGH IQ AND WHAT ISN'T ALBERT EINSTEIN'S IQ WAS 160 SO I THINK YOU SHOULD DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE YOU JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS ABOUT ALL FURRIES I BET THAT YOU PROBABLY HAVE ONLY TALKED TO OR MET OR EVEN SEEN SOMEONE THAT YOU KNEW WAS A FURRY ABOUT FOUR OR FIVE TIMES OR LESS AND IF YOU KNOW OF ANY OTHER ANTI-FURRY WEBSITES THAT I CAN TELL THAT THEY ARE WRONG WOULDN'T YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW THANK YOU HAVE A NICE LIFE(OR WHAT'S LEFT OF IT) AND NO THAT IS NOT A THREAT THIS IS NOT A THREAT IT IS JUST PROOF THAT NOT ALL FURRIES ARE STUPID DIM OR OTHERWISE AND HONESTLY I THINK THE ONLY WAY I WOULD COMPARE SOMEONE TO HITLER FOR HATING FURRIES IS IF THEY STARTED GOING AROUND KILLING THEM FOR THEIR LIKES AND ANOTHER THING THE JEWS HAD A CHOICE ABOUT WHAT TO BELEIVE IN BECAUSE OF COURSE THE JEWISH RELIGION IS ALSO A CHOICE TO BELEIVE IN SO I THINK I HAVE PRETTY THOUROGHLY PROVEN THAT NOT ALL FURRIES ARE THE WAY YOU DESCRIBED THEM. Now I am not going to tell you my name so if you put this email one your website then you can just say that I am anonymous and I honestly don't expect you to put this on your website because I honestly expect you to be dead by the time you finish this email and think wow I pissed a lot of people off and if you don't think I am a dangerous person then email me back and tell me your address and I can show you how dangerous I can be.


From: Anthony Spargo

Subject: Hello...

Did you even stop to think about what your talking about, you think you know everything about furries and yet you know nothing.

So, in my opinion, you are just a fat kid with a bald head and a retardation. This would explain why your "facts" are so false and flimsy a single sentence could correct them.

Listen how about this, you go on a diet maybe go and take a walk every now and then instead of sitting your fat arse at your computer screen and bitching because you have no friends you just want attention by annoying people. So do everyone a favor and go kill yourself, that's right just kill yourself now before the fatty deposit in your veins kills you.

Maybe you might just look at the REAL FACTS before you spam abuse at furries you narcissistic bastard.

Some things I don't really get. I'm not fat, or bald - but, even if I was, it wouldn't really make much of a difference would it? I mean, it's not funny because of me or something about me or anything I do - it's funny because of them. Like, I could be a brain floating in a jar somewhere and Anthony here would still probably secretly be spending his free time drawing Talespin fan-art in which he and his cat Mr. Wiggles put Baloo on the spit, right? Nothing to do with the status of my hair or waistline I'm afraid.

From: Jase Lacy

Subject: Well...

Well...this is really a new low for a human. This site,this God awful site, it's all most wort than rape web sites. Furries are mostly good people. Some are not. But you can't discrmahate just because you read a book or two. You think we bitch on and on about how we think your site say furs' are bad. Tell me, what the hell are you doing this for. Can you tell all your 'loving fans' why you do this. God doesn't say he hates every living thing in the world or els he would destroy it. Oh I know way you don't like furries, they scare you or you don't like different things. You don't want to Liston to us 'whine' as you say about what you wrote on a damn web site. Are you really a Cristen? Or are you just...you know what you can look at all the errors in this letter but just remember (like when you wrote DEALING WITH A FURRY) I'll just keep my cool with you. I am a black fox so what. my piaster knows that and he does not say "Blasphemy!" and tell me to get the hell out you devil! Well... one thing you can do is say you are sorry ,just to furrirs, but to God. you cant say you are 'holly' if you don't apologize for this bull shit you post. Go ahead post this message and make fun of it. Say I "Whined on this shit" but this is not shit,its reality and I'm not saying 'I hope you get you're ass beat' but we are better than that.

To answer this person's question, I do it because it's funny.

From: Wolfope Canis

Subject: An oddity

Whatever actually happened to the name *furry* being those people who weren't "Weres" or "Threrianthropes"? I beleive something serious has been over looked here you simpleton dumbass, A furry are those folks that ARE NOT a WERE or THERIAN, the most outright spiritual folk among wereism today! Whats wrong with this picture? A KKK supremicist FUCKTARD who just wants to start a hate rally in the name of..... God was it? Oh wait, religion isnt mentioned AT Allllll.... on GODHATESFURRIES.COM GODHATESFURRIES.COM GODHATESFURRIES.COM Personnally, I am not a damn furry, IM A DAMN THERIAN AND SO PROUD OF IT! ID BITE YOUR ASS OFF AND HAND IT TO YOU BEFORE YOUR BLACK HEART SPREADS A DISEASE OF HATE! But then, Im a peacefule wolf, so why would I do that? I hope you learn who the real God is.

Uh... nice to get an update on the state of spirituality in Wereism today I guess?

From: Darkdawn Omega

Subject: God Hates Furries?

Huh, wow, I bet you hate black people and women too. Ooo, and maybe even people who like videogames, or the internet, and I bet you're homophobic too.

Y'know, because some people like certain things, doesn't really mean everyone as a whole does.

Seeing as you're so retarded that you put a prejudiced site up, I'll give you an example even you can understand.


I think I got your language of prejudiced assholes down, right? I'm not that good at translations when it comes to the language of prejudices.

Huh, and let me guess, anyone who has any interests at all, you beat up on site?

I feel sorry for your parents that they live with the knowledge that they brought someone so prejudiced into the world. Probably compare you to Adolf Hitler pretty often.

Oh yeah, you also must hate Muslims, Jews, atheists, Christians, and all religions, right? They involve opinions also, so you must hate them.

There's a quote I learned from a simple comic. Yes, a comic. Oh my god, opinionated things can teach people things.

Oh yeah, you hate fat people too I bet.

"Ugly people, don't reproduce."

Replace "ugly people" with "Webmaster of godhatesfurries.com"

Oh yeah, God Hates Furries.

Let's see. God hates something, he created the universe. So if he hates furries, then why do furries exist? Why does polytheism exist?

Oh yeah, God either doesn't exist, or you're one hell of a lier.

So, how about you go drop dead so you can say hello to your friends Hitler and the KKK.

I enjoy getting emails from people who are so intellectually immature they genuinely can't see the difference between legitimate prejudice against minority groups in society and making fun of some fat white Naruto fan for wearing a pit-stained T-Shirt that says "YIFFY". To some people these things are equivalent, and these people are demonstrably mentally diseased.

From: gubaguy

Subject: asshole

what you fail to understand is that furries are being so mean because you are an ass you act like you know more about the fandom then we do...

what you should realise is this whenever someone in history has singlhandedly attempted to bring down a group of people then fucked themselves up and got a reservation in hell example: hitler ya he got several million jews but then he and his coutry have been fucked since, custer he tried to get the indians he and hitler now play poker in hell every tuesday, americans tried to keep the african americans down and now we are about to have an african american president.

you are going to be destroyed one day...

you made this site because obviously you have no friends and furries do you are jealous

you should find a girlfriend or maybe a boyfriend i don't know what you are anyway

I think this guy genuinely thinks Germany has been in a state similar to that of the Capital Wasteland since 1945.

From: lilninja1992

Subject: furries

im a furry and guess what ppl who hate furries are FAGS FAGS FAGS so when the day comes, me and all the furries and neutral ppl will come for you, not to rape you but to kill you, good night and have a nice day

ps. you got to be catholic or christian to be a person to use god in that name so i hope you burn in hell, god loves all

Threats of violence are pretty common - I get them all the time and don't take them seriously. Threats of violence followed by "God loves all" are rare though, and extra hilarious.

From: david guba

Subject: ok so you are a...

rat bastard if you think that just becasue we wear fursuits we do things like pay people to have internet sex and bullshit like that then you are sadly mistaken you should be shot, hung, shot, stabbed, burned at the stake and then shot again only a small percent of the furry population actually uses their suits for the exact percent is 4% and also do you yell things like yiff in hell furfags to the mascots of your favorite sports team? no so if you have the balls to say things like then maybe you should get into the suit for 5 minutes and see if you want to go fuck some wild animal... BITCH

I... I... don't understand.

From: James Clum Dolan

Subject: You are a sick, twisted, and idiotic person I have ever heard of.


you listen to me and you listen good, what gives you the right to discrimate us furries, answer that question. You do not have the right to spread shitty lies about us. when I read your sight it made me physically ill, I almost threw up. you are a terrible person. don't even dare call me intolerant because I know what I'm talking about. if people like you didn't exist, this world would be better off.

go die in a hole

I really do get a kick out of the thought of this guy almost blowing his lunch all over his macbook because he read some jokes I wrote on the internet .

From: Jasen Strube

Subject: Why?

You are borderline walking down the same road as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao, you are being racist, and yes i can use that term cuz the Jews weren't aren't a race, but you can still be racist towards them, same applies with furries, now i'm more of a zoo than a furry i like some of the furry art not really into the fur-suit thing, but animals yes, so view me as you wish....i have a dog, and i don't do anything sexually with him and i don't want too, cuz i don't view every animal i see as a fuck toy, its not like that, he's my best friend and he will be for a long time, he may be a dumb as a box of rocks but i'd take a million of him over you any day, and to clarify animals can say NO, its called body language, ever herd of it, to my knowledge its quite universal, you can tell by there actions what they wanna do, you never force anybody..., or anything to do anything it doesn't want to do, but you are persecuting people who find happiness in in activities that you feel are evil and or fucked up and that's not right, i'm sure you have some traits to yourself that others would question, and i'm sure i could laugh at very easily, and reading through some of the replies i found that you quoted "inspector gadget"? What the hell.... who does that hahahahaha, you nerd haha, and in another there was a violent one where one partner slugged his furry mate in the mouth, kicked him in the gut and then kicked him again in the face.....so you tell me who's fucked up? cuz i don't see any physical action coming from us, yur on your way to starting a war and your side just dropped the first bomb.

and PS- don't use God as a refrace, who are you to speak for him, not that i believe in him, gave that up a long time ago lol, the day i opened i science book, hehe

Ah yes I remember reading the particular chapters of "Mein Kampf" and "On Practice" that dealt with the extermination of fat, white, middle aged Talespin fans. Also this guy self-identifies as a Zoophile - isn't that just super duper.

From: Donald Moore III

Subject: stop being a nazi

WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?! ok that was harsh but you are stereotyping and you are discriminating furries like the nazis did with the jewish people. dont you see that by doing this you are commiting the sin of wrath. you are a bible thumping idiot and you WILL burn for being a nazi. for me a nazi is a prejuduce person and you will BURN FOR THAT!!!! i hope that you either change or die slowly and painfully. i myself as a pacifist will not kill you BUT i hope someone KILLS YOU slowly and painfully unless you change you MOTHERFUCKING NAZI. god you furry bashers are all so stupid. i am a furry but just the furry porn. but before you start makeing fun of me. have you thought that i only like them cuz its humanoid?that i like them because its a mix of hot and cute? that the animal side is cute and human side is hot. no i donot have sex in fursuits nor do i wish to. infact most furies would not do that or dream of it because it gets hot in them. you would get heat stroke in one by havin sex in it. now i never wore a fursuit nor do i wish too. i only like the drawings of furry porn but im not turned on by actualy animals. they are cute but not hot.i have two cats and never once have i ever thought about defiling them! STOP BEING A FUCKING NAZI AND LEARN TO DEAL WITH FURRIES. at least stop messing with the ones that dont care or hate the fetish. not all furries are into it. leave them out of it. i have friends who joked with me when i told them i was a furry. they stopped after one day.you on the other hand need to learn to stop making fun of people for being different. we cannot help who we are. if you wanna know disgusting look up necrophilia and actual beastiality and shit porn child pornography and 2girls1cup. THATS DISGUSTING! which is more disgusting the five i just mentioned or half human half animal cartoon porn? if you say furries are more disgusting you must be turned on by the shit porn 2girls1cup necrophilia and child pornography you pediphile. i excluded beastiality because you hate furries. you say god hates furries but did god ever talk to you saying he/she did? and another thing how can you say its a fair statement when you dont do actual research on furries? go to wikifur you dumbass nazi!!!

I literally cannot even begin to start describing what's wrong with this. I think my favourite part is the part where he says he loves furry porn but isn't turned on by animals... but... that's what furry porn IS. You might as well just complain about there being too many women in lesbian pornography.

From: Draconicgamer1

Subject: Listen just hear me out... you don't have the whole story

Dude your site is almost like that KKK website I found cauze I was looking up racisim... I'm not a furry but you have no right to hate anyone! I play furcadia as a roleplayer but I don't yiff I'm a doctor in a zombie survival role play: mentions of blood and guts yes, anthropamorphic animals yes, sex NO! Honestly are you so insecure about yourself that you can't let people be? If it meant no more war and hatred I'd aprove of orgies in the middle of the street, I've felt and seen what I can only describe as hatred. Make love not war. That's how bonobos live and there's no killing eachother among the apes, unlike chimps who wage war and kill eachother. Don't generalize other people like that... I'm a curious 18 year old female nerd with aspurgers syndrome a high functioning form of autism, I look at alot of things. I'm also a bit of a loner, always outside the group. You tend to notice alot watching humans and animals. I am not a zoophile, but I can get an idea of why they're attracted to animals. Basically humans are for the most part rotten to the core, animals make better freinds from my perspective. I'd rather spend a day around animals I'm not too fond of (snakes and bugs) than most humans. The more people I meet the more I love my dog, not that I'd have sex with her. But you get the idea hopefully. If your god hates furries why won't he stop people from becoming furries, why does he allow as you put it depravity? Why hatred? Why suffering?

Aspergers, high-functioning autistic, where have I heard that one before.

From: Lauren McAdam

Subject: re: site

Most of the things that you have been saying about furrys is not true. furrys are normal people just like to draw furrys as an art form. also only about 5% of furrys own a fur suite
and only about 2% join in sex acts with animals and on the Internet.
everything you say is a lie.
I have never seen a furry do any of that. the only furrys I am scared of are the fur suiters, they bother me, cause I have no idea who they are.
but everything you say is a lie,
get your stuff straight.

people like you make me sick. and angery.
give people a bad name just because you feel like it.

Only 2% of furries engage in bestiality? Well that's ok then isn't it. Phew!

From: Brandon Hayley

Subject: Do the world a favour and kill yourself.

I was alerted of your website, and had to see it for myself. You really shoud do the world a favor, and kill yourself. You could be doing better things, like helping the downtrodden, feeding the homeless, or protecting your nation from terrorists, but no, you have to pick on a group of people because they like dressing up like animals. I am a furry, but I DO NOT have a sexual attraction to children, DO NOT have sex with animals, and DO NOT have sex with the deceased. You say that we have the intelligence of a rock, you are sadly mistaken. I have an I.Q. Of over 140, and I watch PBS. Often. I cannot afford to go to college, so I cannot further my education. You also say that furries are nutjobs that believe the 'animal spirits' inhabit their bodies. I am 1/8th Native American, of the Blackfoot tribe. I find that EXTREMELY offensive, as my people hold the spirits of animals in high regard. You just like to pick on people who have other beliefs than yours, and it is sickening. You embody all of the racism and hate that boils just below the surface today. Do the world a favor, and kill yourself. God doesn't hate furries, God hates YOU.

Eat Shit And Die

Cowboy From Hell

I thought this guy was just the typical kind of retard that emails me, but then he mentioned that he watches a particular American TV station and I just knew I had to take him seriously from then on.

From: Clint Walker

Subject: RUN!!!

I see your fate. It's not pretty.

Oh... That sucks, I guess. I wish he'd gone into more detail, like am I going to spill pasta sauce all over myself tomorrow and stain my clothes or something. That'd suck.

From: Borpsu

Subject: god is love god is good do u think ur a child of god

u are a fuckin moron and im gona break u w words words u dont know like biblical 1st u judge 2nd u hate thy neighbor 3rd u are stupid for belivin in vanity of ur own judgemental idiocy use wat u like im not into furry i just see ur a mental idiot a blasphmer and speak of god as a tool for ur anger do u like takin gods name in vain or his ideals or the bible even and twist the way of the book the good book GODS BOOK i dont need to judge ur actions god dosent either all i have to say to u some day in person is WELCOME TO HELL enjoy the flames heathen u speak and u use no email so you have a responce u use word doc and cut and paste wat peeps say to u and fuck them over u dont protect any 1 but ur self u greedy corrupt sadistic diabolical mass suicidal braincell mental moron i wish u death dispair and an extinguised flame so there is 1 less idiot fuckin the world up ..i dint spell check so u can understand i know ur redeetadeetarded spiritualy courupt and a fallen signifigent child once of god himself when actually it seems like a brother of satan ill bet u aint man or woman enough to post this without editing it i know u will mere idiots cant stand without falling on their face of defeat..


From: sr35852

Subject: fuck you, bastard

after reading your site, i am outraged that you would put such slandorous lies about my people anywhere near the internet. you may not realize it because your too busy laughing at some poor furry that you came across, but not all furries are perverts. most of the things you stated on your site are untrue. in fact, some could be farther than the truth than i ever thought possible! the truth of the fact is that 1) God is good and hates no man but the man who hates his neighbor, 2) you have twisted facts about good people into a potent mix of lies and slandouous comments, and 3) your a moron to think that we furries would sit idley by as you ruined our reputation. i hope i see you one day so i can beat the living shit out of you, and if i dont get to you before you die, i hope you burn in hell, you fucking bastard. POWER TO THE FURRIES!

"My people"

From: spellshape

Subject: (Claps) Good for you

You, my friend, have been corrupted by the anonymity of the internet I am a furry and have no problems with you expressing your first ammendment rights. I would have no problems with you if you walked up to me and stated any of these opinions right to my face "J", what I do have a problem with is the fact that you hide behind that wonderful letter tossing out slander as you will. Also, I love that you've managed to make an ass out of yourself without (at least I'm assuming) making it too obvious, "... you should hate people that do and say stupid things and set themselves up for ridicule...", oh, I found more, "This is a further example of hijacking and retroactive branding - first, broadly define a term so that you can cram as much stuff in there as possible. Step two: Slap a big old label on it. Step three: Success! You no longer feel like a gigantic social outcast..." From the looks of it, this is exactly what you've done here. Not only have you set yourself up for ridicule, although you do seem to thrive on it, but you've crammed as many sterotypes of furries under one big lable. I do realise that this will just feed the fire and, of course, at the end of the day, I'm still a furry and you're not, but I think I can live with myself and you with yourself.

The best part of this email is how I get accused of hiding behind the anonymity of the internet by using my real name on the internet. Sorry maybe I should get a handle like "spellshape" instead.

From: justin pickette


hey i was visiting yuor website
and well i have a few things to say
im a fur
im a christian
and what you say on that site
pisses me the fuck OFF
you say we gonna go to hell for what we do?
ask yourself this
if god didnt want us to live or life how we want
why did he give us free will
and ask yourself another question
is your ife that bored that you have to go around making others miserable
so id suggest that yuo need to shut the fuck up and leave us alone
cause you pretty much sayin we cant have free will
and danm it


As Justin points out - if God didn't want us to do whatever we want, why did he give us free will in the first place? A great argument. Well! Time to head off on that corpse raping spree I've been planning.

From: James Remshart

Subject: So I learned something about furries last year

First thing I learned and please read to the end, was when I worked with a guy who was an Ecstacy user. He explained to me that while on "X" you like the feel of things. Your brain misinterprets feelings like carpet, grass, and FUR, to feelings of sensual ecstasy, hence why people stoned on it dance with houseplants and listen to Moby. So my first question was "how does sex on ecstacy feel" he said the feeling doesn't change, but you want to do wierd stuff like bark and howl and meow and shit. I wondered if this is how furries start.

Second thing is I was at an anime convention where furfags (or pelt-sodomites as the Bible calls it) joined in with Starwars vs Gate discussions, and anime showings. I was dressed as Wolfwood from Trigun. A furry couple, one female and the other male asked me if I had a room and when I said no they invited me to up to their room for yiffing, when I laughed they were REALLY offended cause they were serious. Around 10:00 PM I left cause all the fat furries were breaking out the "X" and glowsticks and going to their rooms at the hotel for yiffing.

That's when it hit me. Ecstacy makes fur feel sensual, and makes you make animal noises during sex, and makes you feel low enough of standards you might yiff a fat man or an ugly chick. This is how fursonas Are cemented. After they commit fursodomy they are sealed into their mind as an animal trapped in a man's body.

And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast. And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them" -- Leviticus 20:15-16

Some interesting theories about stuff provided by James Remshart. He provides a plausable explanation as to why people listen to Moby.

From: C K

Subject: Dear asshole

Seeing as how I have tried my level best talk to you in a civil manner and have invited you to openly discuss your views on my radio show, You have shown that you have no intent to even try to give your reasons behind your site or engage in an open discussion with the public at large your dislike for one small group of people. I am writing you off as nothing more then a hate monger who is no diffrent then someone who hates based on race color or creed. However I will agree with you on one point most furries are warped to a point and yes Jim Groat is an asshole. But I would like to think that some point we all are assholes.

Signed Fayetteville Arkansas's number 2 asshole Jager~

Apparently this guy had a radio show somewhere in Bumfuck, Nowhere and kept emailing me begging me to go on it and talk to him on-air - I just ignored him or called him an idiot though. I don't even know where Fayetteville or Arkansas are.

From: Erik mosher

Subject: huh??

can you stop this?? most of it isn't even true. I would spam you horribly, but.. what?? and even if god does hate furries witch he doesn't, why did you have to make a website about it?? it doesn't make any sense... at all.. and I know that there is more websites out there like this, but, why did you have to make your own?? because people like spamming the internet with the same type of website?? just like world of war craft vs. runescape.. WE GET THE DAMN POINT!!! but maybe some people have their own opinions, who knows. all I am saying is this entire website was just a waist of time.

I maintain this website because all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Also World of Warcraft is much better than runescape sorry.

From: robert hurt


I'm a furry and this is what I wish for you to do...

1. Stop this site we are nothing like that

2. Admit that your just a racist bastard

3. Drill a hole in your head and burn in hell

4. *gives you a condom* Go fuck your mom you racist whore monger

As you'll see, I get stuff like this all the time - accusations of being a racist, nazi, etc. - and what does upset me slightly is that there are REAL Nazis, Racists etc. out in the world that are much more deserving of your hate, rather than someone who points out that being a fat slob that thinks a secret magical wolf spirit lives inside him is pretty stupid and/or hilarious. Just saying.

From: Justin Bessette


First of all, your website has to be the worst thrown together piece of shit I've ever been unfortunate enough to look at. The only half decent thing I could find on it was your gallery, which isn't that bad for someone who hates furries. And maybe if you had a better idea of what the hell a furry is, you could put up a better arguement. For example, bestiality and furryism are two completely different things. Some furries may be in to that sort of thing, but there is a difference! And who are you to say that God hates furries? You're not the pope, and I doubt there was a passage in the bible, torah, or the koran specifically adressing this. By the way, the torah and koran are the holy books of Judaism and Islam respectively, both peoples who claim to worship 'God' as well. Not to mention that your church seems to be the only monotheistic religion having a problem with alter boys. Your holy men are defiling children, and young boys none the less! I honestly can't see God having much power to denounce a sexual act when those spreading his word are sinners themselves. And that brings me to my conclusion. Fuck you, you ignorant, inbred son of a bitch.

No particular religion is mentioned on this site. Talk about projecting!

From: Alex Jensen

Subject: Ugh... Its really starting to eat away at me...

Yah hey, me again. Look, I spent considerable effort on the previous letter sent, and a simple half-assed reply of "what" is almost like a direct punch to the gut (nice trick by the way, was not expecting that). But I must, humbly, ask that you at least read the damned thing! Even if all your going to do is laugh at it, please just look through it before you toss it aside! God damn, its really starting to get to me... (I'm sorry... I'll just leave now...) - Travis

I kind of felt bad for this guy. Previously he had sent me an email of no fewer than ten thousand, seven hundred and fourty six words (10,746) in length, complaining about this website and no doubt making many hundreds of Hitler/KKK analogies. I of course did not read it, and offered a simple one-word reply. This really upset him.

From: Raptor

Subject: Furries

Hello....let´s start right away....Why are u mocking furries? Well if u´re bored get urself a book or watch tv....No i´m not a furry but i dislike anyone to diss/mock someone because of his/her beliveness or lifestyle.... Just a question anyway why do u hate furries that much? Did one take away ur lolly? Don´t say now they´re unmoralic .... why should they? Because i cannot imagine how they feel? and if u say they´re unmoralic u must confirm that being gay is unmoralic too. I would suggest to use ur energy on something useful like informing people bout child porn or save animals from the redlist...i don´t believe that u can even make one person believe what u´ve written here. Anyhow the comparsion with hitler is not that bad...it´s fitting really good i would say...jew were being persecuted for being not like the germans... and also the had another belivenesses. With furries its the same.... u say we should wipe away them from the internet for being differnt from us? Wtf? Yeah if we start like that we can also kill everyone on the streets having glasses because i don´t have one?Guy u should think bout what u´re doing here ... and btw furriesness is a ethnic group so what u do here is almost compareable with hitler. STOP IT .... if u don´t like them ..fine... u don´t need to like everyone but u don´t need to do some stupid anti-furry propaganda.

Have you noticed a pattern yet? here is a hint: Most emails on this page have some appeal to World War 2, and how being a furry is just like being a Jew in Hitler's Germany.

From: Nexus Xavier

Subject: The Bliss you must feel, Sinning against god, Spreading the Fear of my Kind

Dear Webmaster of the Godhatesfurries website

I feel obliged to tell you that through all my study of Religion, all my study of the Furrie Fandom, All my Study in irrational hatred, you are among the worst I’ve found.

You believe that you website is a "Fair, unbiased, factual resource"? How is it UNBIASED when you HATE Furries so much (I hate the word hate) Unbiased means no personal feeling before hand to sway your beliefs or the beliefs of others.

I myself am a Fur, I Don't Fursuit as I don't have the resources, I'm not a practitioner of Bestiality like you make us all out to be, In fact I’m A-sexual, I'm a Good Person, and you hate has spread like a disease to others http://youtube.com/watch?v=fqm5IZAAaPE

I know that the internet is a Place for free expression, but please do refrain from the Biased Hatred and the lack of Fact.

The Bible tells us to Love thy Neibour but you just seem to want to mock and hate them.

Hatred of Furries is Like the KKK against the Blacks or Nazis against all non-Thule Descendants.

You have become a Slave to your irrational Hatred to Furries as I have become a Rational Despiser of you.

So Please Cease Hating my People, I'll even teach you what I’ve learned during my studies of the Furrie Culture and world Beliefs


No, hatred of furries is not like oppression by the KKK or the Nazis, it is in fact something totally different.

From: Fred Jackobe

Subject: Why?

I hope u can understand this. Being a furry is something you are born into. furrys cant help it if they Naturaly find an intrest an Anthropomorphic animals. It is kind of like a personality trait, it is a part of you. there is no need to bash furs about being furry. Put it this way. When you hate furries because of something they like it is just like hating blacks for there skin color. it can be compared to racism and racism is of course wrong. If you cant understand this message than obviously you are a cruel person with no life and no soul. you should be damned to hell just for being the person you are. Have a great day and enjoy life.

At last it all makes sense, truely there is no difference between genetic racial traits and wearing a pair of Pikachu ears and a fox tail. We are truely all brothers... in Pokemon!

From: Raymond Hodson

Subject: Furry Defensive.


You know if this was a reasonable anti-Furry argument I really wouldn’t have bothered to send an e-mail to this “website”. This is because most of the other anti-Furry sites have reasonable points, and the first point I have to make is your site heading; “GodHatesFurries.com – the factual, unbiased…” etc., UNBIASED!? The heading itself seems fair but as soon as you enter the site, the first phrase that comes to mind is – “What a hypocrite.” You made this site out to be fair and yet as soon as you look at the first section that’s what people will think, Furries and non-Furries alike, and the saddest part is you ENJOY making Furries angry and upset, you sick fuck!! Anyway, idle banter aside, let’s starts pointing out some things that you said that are either incorrect or inaccurate.

Fursuit Sex: Come on! What proof do you have that women won’t touch Furries? Any evidence? If so, I’d like to see it. I can’t really argue with the second thing that you said about the Furries making the noises of the animals that they’re dressed up as. But, what’s wrong with people just releasing their animal instincts. Furries are generally sexually honest with one another, so that’s why we do this to such an ‘extreme’. However, consider this. If people kept ignoring their urges, they’d end up become paedophiles and rapists and I don’t think they want that to happen to themselves, huh?

Plushie Sex: Okay, I’m not really into plushie sex. But, I wouldn’t go around humiliating people for it, I’m not a fan of it, in fact I distaste it. But it’s not just Furries who do this kind of thing. Normal or Mundane, as we prefer to call you (apparently, but I will now, thanks! ^_^), people buy actual life-size blow up dolls to have sex with so don’t go bashing Furries for something that’s generally done by Mundanes! ‘Kay?

Erotic Fiction: Don’t see your point. It seems to be the same as ‘normal’ exotic fiction to me, and I’ve read both sides. The only difference is, the Furry version is honest and its gets right down to the core quickly, most people only read it for the sex anyway, at least most of my Mundane friends (yes, Furries have friends which are not Furries! SHOCK, HORROR!!!) say that they do.

Fursuit Conventions: The last time I heard, all Furry conventions had strict rules put in place banning all thing’s sexually related (I’m sure about picture’s though) while their inside the convention (I think Feral is excepted because their not in an enclosed space) because Furry conventions are meant for ALL ages. Besides, don’t take the piss out of Feral, it’s called ‘survival skills’! We used it before all this technological crap came into play.

Internet Yiffing: Hmm, you just seem to be describing normal porn chat to me! Either that or you know the Mundane sluts (who like to try to have romantic relationships with 11 year olds!!) at my school and have just edited their messages!! God, what fucking awful literature…it has to be normal porn chat or just a slut and a chav messaging each other.

Dealing with Furries: Let me correct your description of a Furry: Furries are generally flexible, can take a lot of hits before getting mad, quick to defend the Furries and sexually honest. Anyway, acting angrily towards a Furry won’t make them ignore you but they generally don’t give bigot’s what they want! Anyways, most Furries are perverts (I, myself, am affectionately known at school as the ‘Honest Furvert’ which actually boosted my reputation. Hard to believe, isn’t it? ^_^) but at least if they dispense their sexual desires they won’t end up as a paedo or a rapist, yeah?

Furries being wealthy? NO WAY!! Me and my best friend, who is also a Furry, barely have £100 between us!! Plus, I’ve never, NEVER heard of a Furry paying anyone to have ‘yiffy sex’ with them! IT’S NEVER HAPPENED!!! Furryism is a disability?! NOW, COME, THE FUCKING HELL, ON!! Where’s your proof! It’s not a disability; it’s a state of mind! No, not insanity! It’s just an attraction, that’s practically unexplainable. It’s not we want to rape cats and dogs; we just like to portray animal attraction (by that I mean, pure sexual desire and instincts) in an art/story form! Phew…I need a drink. Trying to defend my fellow Furries is hard work.

Furries arguing in wolf calls? Meh, I think you mean ‘screams and shouts’ which is the general human reaction in these situations, and ‘yiff’ as an insult? Not likely. And now the Mundane’s like yourself, yes, Furries are special but YOU made us special! Because the whole world (according to you) thinks we’re freaks, social outcasts and a plague on the world! Yep, I think Mundane’s like you made us special. Congrats! The media…Meh, I have to go with my fellow Furries on this one, they never seem to understand that it’s not really that bigger deal, it’s just people like you that make it a big deal! Oh, can I correct your ‘Furry Mind’? Thanks. This is how a Furry mind REALLY works: ‘I don’t really mind people disliking Furries; I just hate it when they take it to such extremes!’ I’ve never compared a Mundane to Hitler; I just think that people like you are very inflexible, but now that you mention it. It does seem a lot like genocide, doesn’t it? “Kill off the Furries! Because their different from us!!” Yep, seems like genocide to me.

And despite what you think the ‘So?’ attitude towards anti-Furries always works for me when people go “Haha, you wank over foxes humping bunnies!” (ect.) I go “Well, their anthropomorphic (big words seem to confuse Mundane’s, this generally shuts them up.) but…so?” “Eh? Aren’t you bothered?” They say in shocked reply, I grin happily “Nope. I like being a Furvert!” Shocked at this they seemed to stutter and walk away. I’ve never known a Furry that’ll say that he/she has won an argument at every turn and your “But you are a Furry” piece of advice for the ignorant won’t even phase us. Most Furries are proud to be Furries!! Get it though your retarded brain!! Furries being related to Satan? He may have horns, hooves and a tail but about angels they have dove wings! They sound a lot like Furries as well, it’s not just Satan!

Anyway, I’m going to be brief on my next points: Leave the guys on Furcadia alone, it’s a Furry game, and they can spend as much money as they want on it, I’ve seen money spent on worst things, and Furbid, I’ve seen worse websites. One: YOURS! And on the last note: I am a Furvert, an honest and proud Furry. We are all one and the same, no matter what name you slap on us, no matter what crap you say. You can’t crush the Furry spirit. It’s a war…that possibly will never end. But, oh well, I’m a Furry, a Furfan, a Fur, a Furvert! I and so many others are proud to be who we are! Try to stop being such an ignorant arsehole and try to actually learn what being a Furry is truly like!! I can’t really defend the Furries from every thing, for example: bestiality. But your website words it like we ALL try this, this isn’t true! In fact, a very, very, VERY small amount of Furries that I know ACTUALLY do this in real life. I distaste it, certainly. But, I wouldn’t go around insulting, humiliating or generally being a complete twat about it! Besides, these fetishes aren’t isolated to just Furries! Some normal people like bestiality and to something you said earlier, people shitting and pissing on one another!! (I don’t like that either.) The difference being in Furry art…IT’S FAKE!! IT DOESN’T REALLY HAPPEN! In normal pornography, it actually happens, which isn’t pleasant to see people being subjected to it.

The sad thing about it all is that some unknowing people are going to come onto this ‘website’ and believe EVERYTHING you say. It’s a shame, but all’s fair in love and war.

Kubur Azaru / R. Hodson

Feline Furry, Otherkin and also the Honest Furvert

I tried my best to read this but the parts where he puts the word website in scare quotes just caused me to laugh so hard tears welled up in my eyes and I started choking on my own bile.

From: Nicole Henry

Subject: Why do you hate furries

I know I can just yell at you everything I can think of and you, my dimwitted friend will see humor in it, I don't know you but you probably secretly jerk off to FChan when no one is looking then say god hates furries, well what about people who are into anime or comic books or scifi, are they not just as wierd as us furries, like anime has its porn too, its called hentai I believe, though I am sure you've never heard of it since you think that porn does not belong in cartoon format, well guess what hentai exists whether you like it or not, so here is what I want you to do, I want you to go and take a look at what really goes on at a furry con, since its no differant then any other convention, you will find that its no different then a comic book convention, or an anime convention, or a scifi convention, they all involve fictional characters, they all involve cosplayers, and non of them involve people having sex on the convention floor, what happens in the persons hotel room that persons business and theres alone, its no differant with furry conventions, the come, they cosplay, they watch the shows, but they don't yiff on in the convention area, they wait till they are in there rooms to do that, therefore you are as nieve as the others who believe the hogwash that one episode of CSI fed you, yeah thats right, the episode of CSI that had the furries yiffing at that convention is nothing but a big lie, though the idea of CSI agents carrying out full investigations and arrests is nothing but utter hogwash too, in real life, the CSI officers gather the info and analyze it, while the police carry out the arrests, they are not a combonation of judge, jury and exicutioner, if thats what you want to see, watch judge dread, atleast that movie makes more sense since its set in the post-appocolyptic future, not in a modern CSI team, so go get your sources fixed, then determine if you hate us still, because we have rights, and also, we don't all fuck dogs, yes some of us fuck in dog suits, but we don't all fuck actual animals, yes there is a small percentage that do, mainly because they are into zoo sex and/or beastiality but it does not mean we all do, so please do us a favor and DO YOUR FUCKING HOMEWORK ON THE SUBJECT BEFORE SHOOTING YOUR YAP OFF ABOUT IT, because obviously you are getting your info from erroneous sources, and your comment about our art being mostly crap, well yes you will get that idea if you look at nothing BUT art from people who are LEARNING to draw, but it doesn't make it right to say "ha ha look at the piece of shit this guy drew, what a n00b" because for one thing, I bet a 5 year old with infantile autism can draw better art then you can, heck I am pretty sure a newborn can turn out better pictures then you, since you probably suck monkey balls at drawing anything, so don't trash our art just because you can only find art by newby artists who are still learning, especially if you know that deep down inside you know they can draw better then you, even if they can only draw stick figures. So why don't you look for art thats actually good, since I happen to know quite a few artists who can draw what has to be the coolest art I have ever seen, heck I can link you there pages, here is one, Nexus Jubatishttp://www.yiffstar.com/index.yiff?action=authorsearch&authorsearch=Nexus_jubatus&tabselected=gallery he happens to be really good at drawing and he even helped with a comic book so don't say most of our art sucks because there is a lot of art that does not, and thats more common then you think, yes we know that there are a few pieces that does, and thats only because the artist is still learning, like me, I draw, but its by no means as good as the stuff that I have seen, is it because I suck, no, its because I am learning, here is another purple gryphon, another exeptional artist http://www.yiffstar.com/index.yiff?action=authorsearch&authorsearch=purplegriffin&tabselected=gallery. and here is clapantgrifon,http://www.yiffstar.com/index.yiff?action=authorsearch&authorsearch=clapantgrifon&tabselected=gallery, if you say his art sucks, which it most certainly does not, then I hope you get raped by a herd of sex starved male hogs, because this artist happens to know what hes doing, and his art is highly detailed. also We do NOT commit crimes against nature, tell me, how often do you see non furs abuse cats and dogs, plenty of times no doubt, how many non furs do you see poatching endangered speicies, well its not as common as other forms of crimes against nature, but it still happens, and often it is commited by non furs, heck these people have probably never even heard of us, also how many non furs force bears to dance by making them stand ib hot plates, it happens in countries like indonesia, how many non furs play the cruel sport of bear baiting, which is where a bear that has had its teeth and claws removed, often by ripping them out of there skulls and paws, then setting pit bulls on them for the sole purpose of entertainment, what kind of warped human being would find that entertaining, well obviously its the same people who force two or more pit bulls to fight each other, and force to bantam roosters to fight each other to the death, and how many of tthem are furs, I bet non of them, so who's committing the crimes against nature here, us or the non furs, seeing that we love our pets, we love seeing animals in the wild where they belong, we hate however those who torture, abuse, exploit, and otherwise defile nature with there greed, cruelty, and most of all, there industrial waste thats choking our air(and by our, I mean everyone, furry and otherwise) and water with its lethal toxins, and by poaching, after all, man kind did wipe out quite a few species and not a single one of them was a fur, yes I know that the fandom didn't exist at one point, and thats when a lot of the extinctions caused by man happened, but when the furry fandom did come to exist, there is not a single fur that I know of that committed any of these attrocities against animal kind, yes alot of us eat meat, but remember, we are omnivores, it means we eat meat and vegitables, also if I can recall there is this thing called the food chain, animals have been eating each other since the dawn of time, so why should we stop just because a few people can't bare to see an animal being killed so we can eat, its no differant if a lion kills an antilope, or if a wolf kills a deer, they kill to eat, if they don't kill, they die, its as simple as that, the same goes for us, yes we can live on a vegatarian diet, but we are still omnivores, so killing animals for food is in no way a crime against nature, infact its one of the most natural things out there, yes we farm our food and I agree some of the slaughtering practises look brutal and barbaric, but when you think of it, since when was getting mauled by a lion and suffocated considered a civilized method of slaughtering your food, because when you think about it, when a predator kills its food, its infact slaughtering it, then they rip it apart, thus butchering it, so we are no differant then our predatory counterparts that kill to live, because humans can't live on a pure vegatarian diet, we need vitamin b12 which is not present in any non meat products, with the exeption of this specific type of yeast, but that is not available at your neighborhood supermarket, so we need to eat a certain amount of meat, but I am quite flabbergasted that you would say we rape animals, not all of use do that, its a very small percentage that would, yes that in my mind is a crime against nature, but its the only one that has been committed by furries, mean while the non furs have been raping the innocents since they became the day war, politics, and corruption was invented, the fans of the furry kind are not hurting anyone, that is without prior consent, and that is usually because there into BDS&M and hey honestly, if it floats there boat, then its no issue, so I am asking you to please take your bigoted site down, because this is as much of a hate site as any website owned by the KKK, the NAZI's and even the black panthers, yes I know I would be pissed right off if my people was inslaved just because I had a certain color of skin, but still to hate anyone for the color of there skin, there realigious beliefs, there sexual orientation, or in this case because they are a fan of anthropamorphic animals, its still bigotry, you don't have to like us, but you have no right to create a hate site about us, you might just as well make a site that says you hate blacks, you hate jews and you hate faggots, because you are just as much of a bigot as anyone who does create hate sites about gays, jews, and blacks, so why don't you SUCK MY FURRY STRAP ON, yeah thats right I am a girl fur, your most hated kind of fur, so get used to it, we aint changing our lifestyle just because your dick don't twitch to furry yiff, so remember this, we are people too, and like everyone else we have intrests, and we don't like twats like you stomping on them. so learn some tolerance, and we will leave you alone, its as simple as that, but as long as you have your hate site up, we will not stop bothering you till you do.

Yeah I didn't read this Hadrian's Wall of text either so I can't really provide any humorous commentary on it.

From: Albert Tsai

Subject: Not a fur, but not on your side either.

You can hate furries all you want, but there's not a single thing you can do to them, because it's the internet. Much so, there's not a single thing they can do to you, because it's the internet. So really, what's the point of shouting out some message if nobody's going to listen to you? Ha, I'm probably the first girl that you've ever come in contact with for a long time, aren't I? Can you do me a favor and post this email onto your site? Ok anyways, the reason people do some really wierd things (like this site, no offence) is because nobody can hurt them because they're just behind the computer. However, I'm pretty sure your attitude in real life is a whole lot different from yoru attitude online, because if you insulted someone yous aw walking on the street, chances are, they'd beat you up. Don't beleive me? Next time you take a walk and see someone on the street, yell a really bad insult to them, and see what happens. I bet you that they'd run over to you and beat you up. Either way, I'm pretty sure 90% stuff on your site isn't true, especially the god hates furries thing, since god doesn't hate. Friendly advice from a real girl: Don't mess with things that you have no idea about.

Uh thanks... "Albert" nice to know what a real "woman" has to say about me.

From: Andrew Lamarche

Subject: You're a moron!

You're a fool. You can barely write literate sentences, make unforgetable errors, and you're just a Catholic whiny little prud. You think us furries are evil? That we are moronic? You're an imbecile. We might waste some of our money, and we might have some of our kind who enjoys those things, but the majority of us are respectable people. You yourself are an idiotic little shrewd when compared to even Adolf Hitler. In retrospect, I'd fix that, stating that I'd rather be anally molested by the Fuhrer than know such a mistake of MAN such as you, can exist. And please, reply to this. Send your mistaken half-witted Bush-suppporting ingrates to my door, and you'll see just how terribly irritable we can be.

When someone starts off attacking you by pointing out your grammatical or spelling errors, you can be 100% sure you are correct in what you have written, as they have no actual argument to make. If they had any good points to make, they would have mentioned them first. This also applies when someone makes Nazi comparisons, so in retrospect this email ticks many of the boxes on my Retard Bingo card.

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